November, 2000

Tapestry   SilverLength: 10Nov 1st
Human Resources   SilverLength: 6Nov 1st
Creepy   GoldLength: 5Nov 1st
tapestries...   BronzeLength: 7Nov 1st
NES   SilverLength: 6Nov 1st
Breakfast   SilverLength: 4Nov 1st
Ralph Nader is Evil   SilverLength: 4Nov 1st
Hmph.   BronzeLength: 4Nov 1st
Idiocy 2000   SilverLength: 4Nov 1st
Hmm...Wondering if?   SilverLength: 3Nov 1st
spoonboy   SilverLength: 3Nov 2nd
*blink*   SilverLength: 4Nov 3rd
Fame   BronzeLength: 3Nov 3rd
Cookie!   SilverLength: 3Nov 3rd
World Domination By Stickies!   BronzeLength: 4Nov 3rd
Dismissively   BronzeLength: 3Nov 3rd
Advertising RevenueLength: 5Nov 3rd
hmm   SilverLength: 4Nov 3rd
Speedy GonzalesLength: 4Nov 3rd
hello?   SilverLength: 4Nov 3rd
PS2 TV Commercials   SilverLength: 5Nov 4th
poor clippy...   SilverLength: 3Nov 4th
Clippy, I LOVE YOU!!!   GoldLength: 6Nov 4th
Knightrider   GoldLength: 5Nov 4th
Homosexual madnessLength: 4Nov 4th
Allergies   SilverLength: 3Nov 4th
Games   SilverLength: 8Nov 4th
Necronomicon   SilverLength: 3Nov 5th
<dumb subject line>   SilverLength: 3Nov 5th
Qualifications   GoldLength: 18Nov 5th
Ack   SilverLength: 10Nov 5th
Interview   SilverLength: 8Nov 6th
Psyli   SilverLength: 5Nov 6th
Sody Pop   GoldLength: 6Nov 6th
PS2   SilverLength: 2Nov 6th
lucky number   SilverLength: 5Nov 6th
Nukes, Chocolate, and my little   BronzeLength: 7Nov 6th
pizza is required   SilverLength: 8Nov 6th
Tentacle-faced Freaks   GoldLength: 13Nov 7th
Ideal Womanhood?   SilverLength: 9Nov 7th
Sex   SilverLength: 4Nov 7th
In the begining...   GoldLength: 11Nov 7th
Angelfire   BronzeLength: 2Nov 7th
Re: Angelfire   GoldLength: 9Nov 7th
Re: Re: Ideal Womanhood?   GoldLength: 7Nov 7th
We are the champions   GoldLength: 3Nov 7th
4am recount!   GoldLength: 3Nov 8th
Rage   BronzeLength: 12Nov 8th
Turkey Baster   BronzeLength: 2Nov 8th
Toilets   BronzeLength: 4Nov 8th
Diablo II   GoldLength: 13Nov 8th
Count...Faster!   SilverLength: 3Nov 8th
The tie   SilverLength: 4Nov 8th
It's not Hamilton!   SilverLength: 3Nov 8th
Re : Its not Hamilton   GoldLength: 7Nov 8th
Mmm... tasty!   SilverLength: 6Nov 8th
Re: 3rd parties   GoldLength: 6Nov 8th
o/ one is the lonliest number o/   SilverLength: 4Nov 8th
astrophysics girl, part 2   SilverLength: 3Nov 8th
Typing   SilverLength: 6Nov 9th
Skipped Christmas   SilverLength: 5Nov 9th
Wowwwww.......   GoldLength: 10Nov 9th
Recount   GoldLength: 6Nov 9th
Comp Sci   SilverLength: 10Nov 9th
Women   SilverLength: 6Nov 9th
Florida   GoldLength: 3Nov 9th
Nuts the Squirrel   GoldLength: 4Nov 10th
Big Red XLength: 4Nov 10th
Tiebreaker   GoldLength: 6Nov 10th
you, my friend, suck.   SilverLength: 6Nov 10th
Who let the corn out?   BronzeLength: 5Nov 11th
waffles   SilverLength: 16Nov 11th
It needs to be asked.   SilverLength: 10Nov 11th
President   SilverLength: 5Nov 11th
All my base.   BronzeLength: 12Nov 11th
Oh, c'mon.   BronzeLength: 3Nov 11th
R & G   BronzeLength: 11Nov 12th
Wow.   SilverLength: 7Nov 13th
spiders   BronzeLength: 2Nov 13th
1...2....3...   BronzeLength: 2Nov 13th
arrgh!   BronzeLength: 6Nov 13th
Florida Elections Official   SilverLength: 4Nov 13th
Only a bronze?   SilverLength: 3Nov 13th
Do you want the damned thing??   BronzeLength: 10Nov 13th
ME/\/   BronzeLength: 13Nov 13th
Re: ME/\/   SilverLength: 2Nov 13th
Funny words   SilverLength: 4Nov 13th
LameBot   SilverLength: 4Nov 13th
just stuff..   SilverLength: 4Nov 13th
Yo, 'tron.   SilverLength: 4Nov 14th
From the past...   SilverLength: 4Nov 14th
Can i redo my character?   GoldLength: 10Nov 15th
goths   BronzeLength: 6Nov 15th
Goin' Clippy on yo' assLength: 4Nov 15th
Let's Pray for Bush   SilverLength: 7Nov 15th
it would seem...   BronzeLength: 22Nov 15th
X-Com, MechWarrior and Old Games   SilverLength: 6Nov 15th
Positions   SilverLength: 10Nov 15th
the routine   SilverLength: 5Nov 15th
Conflict Resolution, anyone?   SilverLength: 6Nov 15th
Noticable   SilverLength: 6Nov 15th
Psst...   SilverLength: 4Nov 16th
Glenn Manning   SilverLength: 5Nov 16th
weird   GoldLength: 10Nov 16th
If cows could speak...   SilverLength: 5Nov 16th
None   GoldLength: 2Nov 16th
Now this is magic:   GoldLength: 2Nov 16th
Serious Question   SilverLength: 3Nov 16th
So...   SilverLength: 8Nov 16th
About the 'Scour' threadLength: 6Nov 17th
Attitude   SilverLength: 4Nov 17th
Please!! Just one request!   SilverLength: 16Nov 17th
The Luck of the Dra....gon.   GoldLength: 17Nov 18th
so who   SilverLength: 5Nov 18th
SEX   SilverLength: 5Nov 19th
OH DEAR SWEET JESUS!!!   BronzeLength: 4Nov 19th
dominium   BronzeLength: 4Nov 19th
Monday   SilverLength: 6Nov 20th
'tron   SilverLength: 6Nov 20th
power outages   SilverLength: 5Nov 21st
Why   GoldLength: 4Nov 21st
A FAST relationship question:   SilverLength: 5Nov 21st
Dad's Birthday   SilverLength: 9Nov 21st
*sniff*   SilverLength: 11Nov 22nd
death throws   SilverLength: 6Nov 22nd
Boring Website   SilverLength: 6Nov 22nd
Is it worth it?   SilverLength: 9Nov 22nd
Another word/phrase   SilverLength: 5Nov 22nd
pushpin pig   SilverLength: 2Nov 22nd
eee!   BronzeLength: 10Nov 23rd
I found a puppyLength: 8Nov 23rd
Turkey....   BronzeLength: 4Nov 23rd
FREUD   SilverLength: 3Nov 24th
weekend   SilverLength: 10Nov 24th
Physics   SilverLength: 3Nov 24th
man...   SilverLength: 15Nov 24th
KarenLength: 3Nov 25th
WHO?!?!   SilverLength: 5Nov 25th
Mom, Dad...?   SilverLength: 2Nov 25th
Holidays   SilverLength: 6Nov 25th
my problems   SilverLength: 2Nov 25th
from whence the cuteness came?   SilverLength: 6Nov 26th
Cocksucking   SilverLength: 7Nov 26th
Quick question.   SilverLength: 3Nov 26th
Welp, looks like its done.   GoldLength: 7Nov 26th
Sephiroth   SilverLength: 14Nov 26th
Condescending bfs   BronzeLength: 8Nov 26th
Is it just me...Length: 6Nov 26th
Business/Tech Schools   BronzeLength: 8Nov 27th
The Conversatron vs. TMOL   SilverLength: 6Nov 27th
who...   SilverLength: 13Nov 27th
Cold shit   GoldLength: 8Nov 27th
Wah!   SilverLength: 8Nov 27th
omg dad!   SilverLength: 7Nov 27th
Ralph Nader   SilverLength: 7Nov 27th
_ . _ _ _ . _Length: 7Nov 27th
Wood   BronzeLength: 2Nov 27th
re: Why Karen?   SilverLength: 3Nov 27th
*sighs*   SilverLength: 3Nov 27th
Monday posting rush   SilverLength: 6Nov 28th
Darth Wars   SilverLength: 4Nov 28th
COME ON!!!   GoldLength: 7Nov 28th
Suggestion...   SilverLength: 13Nov 28th
election   SilverLength: 24Nov 28th
What do you people want?   SilverLength: 2Nov 28th
so who's jealous...   SilverLength: 5Nov 28th
Bacon...   SilverLength: 11Nov 29th
Nyx Picture   SilverLength: 4Nov 29th
compromise   GoldLength: 3Nov 29th
it's getting late   SilverLength: 4Nov 29th
Hey, wait a second?!   GoldLength: 9Nov 29th
We're being attacked!   GoldLength: 17Nov 29th
Powermuff girls?   GoldLength: 6Nov 29th
Nix Nyx   SilverLength: 9Nov 29th
BREASTS! Breasts is the topic!   GoldLength: 7Nov 29th
so wait. does it work both ways?   GoldLength: 6Nov 29th
2 Askees, 1 Icon   GoldLength: 10Nov 30th
Hey, Network Exec!   SilverLength: 4Nov 30th
Appropriate?   GoldLength: 2Nov 30th
You don't like me!   SilverLength: 13Nov 30th
School ConversatronLength: 5Nov 30th
Not really a question at all.   SilverLength: 5Nov 30th
re:Invasion of privacy   BronzeLength: 6Nov 30th
Lawyers   BronzeLength: 9Nov 30th
Not funny?   SilverLength: 25Nov 30th
Who's your president?   GoldLength: 7Nov 30th

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