September, 2000

affair   SilverLength: 4Sep 1st
Desolation   GoldLength: 15Sep 1st
x men   BronzeLength: 12Sep 4th
divine questionLength: 6Sep 4th
Back to School   SilverLength: 6Sep 4th
Milkman Dan   BronzeLength: 4Sep 5th
Which was worse?   SilverLength: 6Sep 5th
sex   GoldLength: 4Sep 5th
cough   GoldLength: 5Sep 5th
Has anybody seen my wallet?   GoldLength: 9Sep 6th
Lets have a beer...   SilverLength: 6Sep 6th
Mmmm mmmm Good   SilverLength: 17Sep 6th
Stupid Job   GoldLength: 5Sep 6th
hokey pokey   GoldLength: 8Sep 7th
Dinner   BronzeLength: 4Sep 7th
Lester   BronzeLength: 3Sep 7th
school   GoldLength: 6Sep 7th
Napster?   GoldLength: 2Sep 7th
401K   SilverLength: 3Sep 8th
chicka chicka wah chicka   GoldLength: 5Sep 8th
Orgazmo   SilverLength: 10Sep 8th
Jurassic ParkLength: 2Sep 8th
Carl Sagan,   GoldLength: 7Sep 9th
Beggin Strips   BronzeLength: 40Sep 9th
Bacon II   GoldLength: 5Sep 9th
Fickle Finger of Fate   GoldLength: 6Sep 9th
weed!!! *WEED*!!!Length: 2Sep 10th
hot girl   GoldLength: 14Sep 11th
All tomorrows machinations   SilverLength: 6Sep 11th
Solve the matrix   SilverLength: 10Sep 11th
Up yours, test pattern.   SilverLength: 2Sep 11th
tomorrow   SilverLength: 6Sep 11th
terrifying reason   BronzeLength: 6Sep 11th
Cancelled   BronzeLength: 2Sep 12th
Would Chuck?   BronzeLength: 2Sep 13th
DammitLength: 3Sep 13th
Okay...   BronzeLength: 12Sep 13th
Genetic Engineering   SilverLength: 8Sep 13th
screen   BronzeLength: 4Sep 13th
Batman   BronzeLength: 3Sep 13th
Crossovers...Length: 3Sep 14th
Emergency check   BronzeLength: 2Sep 14th
coming home   BronzeLength: 7Sep 14th
this whole thingLength: 3Sep 14th
Mentos   SilverLength: 4Sep 14th
What about the qt?   SilverLength: 3Sep 14th
copy   BronzeLength: 5Sep 15th
How come...   BronzeLength: 9Sep 15th
Money   SilverLength: 3Sep 15th
Hey Will   BronzeLength: 9Sep 15th
Perhaps, but not exactly   GoldLength: 6Sep 15th
Wonder twin powers...   SilverLength: 4Sep 16th
Physics   BronzeLength: 9Sep 17th
The Big Fella   SilverLength: 4Sep 18th
TV Land   SilverLength: 6Sep 18th
applesauce   SilverLength: 2Sep 18th
What gives?   BronzeLength: 6Sep 19th
Math funny?   SilverLength: 5Sep 19th
Pants Optional Tuesdays(TM)   BronzeLength: 7Sep 19th
Pants Optional   SilverLength: 5Sep 19th
Modern World Looks Back...   GoldLength: 5Sep 19th
Just do it: You'll live longer.   SilverLength: 5Sep 19th
Love the Conversatron   BronzeLength: 2Sep 19th
When NO means YES!   BronzeLength: 6Sep 19th
Why bother   BronzeLength: 10Sep 19th
Stupid semi-sport   SilverLength: 5Sep 20th
Last year.   GoldLength: 6Sep 20th
WHO NEEDS LOVIN?!   SilverLength: 5Sep 20th
A different kind of car company   GoldLength: 6Sep 20th
Population   GoldLength: 7Sep 20th
Judicial Review   SilverLength: 4Sep 20th
earth   GoldLength: 3Sep 20th
True Meaning of Conversaton   SilverLength: 5Sep 21st
summer girls   BronzeLength: 3Sep 21st
real problem   BronzeLength: 7Sep 22nd
??   BronzeLength: 4Sep 22nd
Frisco   SilverLength: 5Sep 22nd
Kraftwerk   SilverLength: 2Sep 22nd
Friday Night!   BronzeLength: 6Sep 22nd
Paaaaarmaaaaaa   BronzeLength: 8Sep 23rd
Don't let them diss you, PCOJ!   GoldLength: 5Sep 23rd
The MeekLength: 3Sep 24th
MimesLength: 6Sep 24th
Quality   BronzeLength: 5Sep 24th
hi   BronzeLength: 4Sep 24th
Going for going for gold!!!   GoldLength: 7Sep 25th
I'm really confused   SilverLength: 8Sep 25th
Oral Hygene.   BronzeLength: 4Sep 25th
disappointment   SilverLength: 6Sep 25th
Homer   BronzeLength: 2Sep 25th
Probebly been asked already but,   BronzeLength: 5Sep 25th
Computer Guy   BronzeLength: 3Sep 25th
What if?   GoldLength: 4Sep 25th
Computer guy :P   SilverLength: 10Sep 25th
womens and linuxes   BronzeLength: 4Sep 25th
A plot?   GoldLength: 12Sep 26th
BRSMs   GoldLength: 6Sep 26th
Side effects   GoldLength: 4Sep 26th
bored   BronzeLength: 3Sep 26th
Lasting Glory for Conversatron   GoldLength: 8Sep 26th
Gauntlet   BronzeLength: 3Sep 26th
So..   GoldLength: 6Sep 26th
right   GoldLength: 8Sep 26th
I agree.   BronzeLength: 9Sep 26th
Star   BronzeLength: 5Sep 27th
10 hours   BronzeLength: 7Sep 27th
Study group   BronzeLength: 7Sep 27th
somad?   SilverLength: 5Sep 27th
hmmm   SilverLength: 4Sep 27th
Speaking of the Forum...   SilverLength: 7Sep 27th
A is A   BronzeLength: 9Sep 27th
please don't ignore this?   SilverLength: 16Sep 27th
Ayn Rand   BronzeLength: 6Sep 27th
blair witch 2   BronzeLength: 5Sep 27th
Soul   BronzeLength: 4Sep 27th
Hypothetical Dilemma #439   BronzeLength: 5Sep 28th
CrownLength: 5Sep 28th
?Length: 3Sep 28th
ST: Voyager   SilverLength: 5Sep 28th
Evil Girls   BronzeLength: 3Sep 28th
kill me   BronzeLength: 6Sep 28th
Teddy Ruxbin   BronzeLength: 4Sep 28th
All nighters   BronzeLength: 4Sep 29th
Morals   SilverLength: 5Sep 29th
Must....Control...Fist of Death!Length: 2Sep 29th
To Ms. RosenbergLength: 8Sep 29th
hey, look at me   SilverLength: 4Sep 29th
Politics Schmolitics   BronzeLength: 4Sep 29th
Stupid, stupid songs   SilverLength: 4Sep 29th
Games   BronzeLength: 8Sep 29th
Disgusting Dorm Bathrooms   BronzeLength: 2Sep 29th
Resistance is Futile   BronzeLength: 4Sep 29th
Crime Prevention   SilverLength: 6Sep 29th
OZ   SilverLength: 7Sep 29th
Questions   SilverLength: 5Sep 29th
Crow, Tom, and Gypsy   SilverLength: 6Sep 29th
Hedonism   SilverLength: 7Sep 30th
alphabet magnets   BronzeLength: 11Sep 30th
Nirvana is cool!Length: 2Sep 30th
What is it with people and...Length: 6Sep 30th
mmm, pepsi   SilverLength: 4Sep 30th
My Team   BronzeLength: 6Sep 30th
D'oh!Length: 4Sep 30th
Would you...   SilverLength: 7Sep 30th
my name   BronzeLength: 4Sep 30th
*pssst!* Circle yes or no!Length: 3Sep 30th

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