June, 2005

united states of america  SilverLength: 18Jun 3rd
Internet illiterate friend.  BronzeLength: 3Jun 7th
the conversatron song  GoldLength: 5Jun 7th
conversatron song!!  SilverLength: 14Jun 8th
subject!   Length: 2Jun 8th
Re: subject!  BronzeLength: 2Jun 8th
Wait  BronzeLength: 11Jun 9th
I'm pathetic  BronzeLength: 4Jun 11th
Power  BronzeLength: 8Jun 11th
Gold Stars   Length: 4Jun 17th
crapfilter   Length: 6Jun 20th
Ugh.  BronzeLength: 5Jun 21st
Re: Ugh  BronzeLength: 7Jun 21st
Food, Sex, or Car  GoldLength: 12Jun 24th
Telepathy isn't working  GoldLength: 5Jun 27th
*is bored*  BronzeLength: 9Jun 28th
Irish  GoldLength: 5Jun 29th

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