May, 2005 vs.  GoldLength: 5May 1st
Chuang Tzu said...  SilverLength: 21May 3rd
whoa  BronzeLength: 4May 4th
Ass-cocking  SilverLength: 3May 5th
I thought butter was crap...  GoldLength: 11May 5th
Slope Day  GoldLength: 4May 6th
Minnesota  SilverLength: 4May 7th
mother in law  SilverLength: 12May 7th
Chicken or Pork?  GoldLength: 10May 7th
Father's day  GoldLength: 2May 10th
mapping fetishes  SilverLength: 16May 10th
Re: ELIZA  GoldLength: 5May 12th
This just in...  SilverLength: 2May 13th
Disappointment...  SilverLength: 21May 21st
Hm.  GoldLength: 2May 23rd
Birthday Bliss  SilverLength: 12May 24th
H2G2  SilverLength: 15May 26th
cream   Length: 12May 28th

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