April, 2005

Dear Supreme Being,  GoldLength: 18Apr 1st
Concluded  GoldLength: 9Apr 1st
Old girlfriend  GoldLength: 5Apr 2nd
Job seeking  BronzeLength: 5Apr 4th
Sagat  GoldLength: 3Apr 5th
Icon goodness  SilverLength: 4Apr 6th
Moving to South Carolina  SilverLength: 2Apr 8th
c'mon...  SilverLength: 8Apr 10th
The Queen  GoldLength: 14Apr 11th
Polic?  SilverLength: 4Apr 12th
VICTORY  SilverLength: 2Apr 12th
Trekkies  SilverLength: 4Apr 13th
Wu-Tang  SilverLength: 18Apr 20th
Sex!   Length: 2Apr 22nd
ahoy  GoldLength: 5Apr 22nd
google ads  GoldLength: 9Apr 23rd
Percentage  SilverLength: 2Apr 24th
The Lie  SilverLength: 5Apr 24th
Vincent Price  SilverLength: 4Apr 25th
re: oh  SilverLength: 6Apr 25th
my story  SilverLength: 9Apr 25th
Life  BronzeLength: 4Apr 26th
Illuminatus  BronzeLength: 2Apr 26th
Lost: One Wallet  GoldLength: 2Apr 26th
Re: Sex!  SilverLength: 3Apr 26th
I have broadband.  GoldLength: 4Apr 27th
the settings page  GoldLength: 3Apr 27th
Summit Beer  BronzeLength: 2Apr 27th
What the Hell is Going on?  GoldLength: 4Apr 27th
age  BronzeLength: 2Apr 27th
Darn.  GoldLength: 4Apr 28th
Shingles  BronzeLength: 2Apr 28th
gah!  SilverLength: 3Apr 28th
Wait a second...  BronzeLength: 4Apr 28th
You can't see me  GoldLength: 1Apr 28th
You're not Yourmomsmom, are you?  SilverLength: 2Apr 28th
First Round Pick?  SilverLength: 5Apr 29th

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