November, 2004

This is what I think of the US..  SilverLength: 3Nov 1st
ARGH  SilverLength: 3Nov 3rd
My roommate is a goddamned moron  GoldLength: 9Nov 3rd
Four more years of waiting...  SilverLength: 2Nov 3rd
Newsflash  GoldLength: 3Nov 4th
George Bush  GoldLength: 2Nov 7th
Civil War II  SilverLength: 4Nov 8th
Kit Fisto  GoldLength: 3Nov 9th
and for that matter  SilverLength: 2Nov 9th
Optimal Slacktitude  GoldLength: 4Nov 9th
HEY now, let's be sensitive.  SilverLength: 12Nov 10th
Mario  GoldLength: 2Nov 10th
Romance  SilverLength: 3Nov 10th
pong fanfiction  GoldLength: 2Nov 10th
So sickly.  SilverLength: 2Nov 11th
Which came first?  GoldLength: 7Nov 17th
Sunday Incest  GoldLength: 2Nov 17th
Religious Thought  SilverLength: 2Nov 17th
God damn it!  SilverLength: 2Nov 17th
CHALLENGE  SilverLength: 9Nov 17th
what constitutes the nobel prize  SilverLength: 4Nov 18th
Wait, what  GoldLength: 9Nov 18th
re: Which Came First?  GoldLength: 5Nov 18th
More Frightening than a Bear  SilverLength: 2Nov 18th
Most frightening thing on earth  SilverLength: 2Nov 18th
Dictionary  SilverLength: 2Nov 20th
T-Day  SilverLength: 9Nov 24th
Turducken  SilverLength: 4Nov 25th
Leftovers  GoldLength: 6Nov 25th
One time  GoldLength: 4Nov 26th
Half Age Plus Seven?  SilverLength: 2Nov 26th
applicable questions  BronzeLength: 2Nov 27th
Beer.  SilverLength: 2Nov 29th
College Interview  SilverLength: 8Nov 30th

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