September, 2004

Fonz + Consolation  SilverLength: 7Sep 1st
College  SilverLength: 11Sep 2nd
D is for Lysdexia  GoldLength: 3Sep 2nd
History Question  SilverLength: 12Sep 2nd
RE: History question.  SilverLength: 6Sep 3rd
Re: History Question  SilverLength: 5Sep 3rd
Birthday...  SilverLength: 8Sep 3rd
If I may  GoldLength: 4Sep 3rd
Re: Birthday...  GoldLength: 6Sep 3rd
waaa  GoldLength: 2Sep 3rd
Re: Failure  SilverLength: 15Sep 3rd
Break ups  SilverLength: 4Sep 7th
Beatnik Code  BronzeLength: 4Sep 8th
Need Advice  SilverLength: 6Sep 8th
Any millionares here?  SilverLength: 2Sep 9th
Knot Theory  SilverLength: 5Sep 11th
Kirkwood!   Length: 4Sep 12th
Re: takeover  GoldLength: 2Sep 13th
cuppin cakes  BronzeLength: 4Sep 13th
anybody know...  SilverLength: 4Sep 13th
give me a reason  SilverLength: 3Sep 14th
christmas  BronzeLength: 2Sep 14th
koopa  BronzeLength: 5Sep 15th
Penny Arcade  BronzeLength: 2Sep 15th
Lick Bush  SilverLength: 4Sep 15th
engagement ring  GoldLength: 10Sep 16th
memento  GoldLength: 7Sep 17th
Futurama Inconsistency  GoldLength: 4Sep 17th
Chili  SilverLength: 8Sep 17th
Re: Supremacy  GoldLength: 2Sep 17th
Motivations  SilverLength: 9Sep 18th
You've lost that loving feeling  SilverLength: 4Sep 18th
John Adams  SilverLength: 3Sep 18th
Rain  GoldLength: 3Sep 20th
Well...  SilverLength: 3Sep 20th
Takedowns  SilverLength: 6Sep 20th
Star Wars  SilverLength: 3Sep 21st
Criminal Justice  BronzeLength: 4Sep 21st
Archives  SilverLength: 5Sep 21st
Holy Shit!  SilverLength: 3Sep 21st
Ugh.  SilverLength: 2Sep 21st
Unsafe at any speed  SilverLength: 3Sep 22nd
RE: Takedowns  SilverLength: 4Sep 22nd
Ponderings  SilverLength: 8Sep 22nd
Whats wrong with the world today  GoldLength: 4Sep 22nd
Oh. My. God...  SilverLength: 2Sep 22nd
Pregnancy Test  SilverLength: 5Sep 22nd
Efficient German Sex  SilverLength: 8Sep 22nd
Apple what?  GoldLength: 4Sep 24th
cancel my subscription  SilverLength: 4Sep 25th
well now..  SilverLength: 4Sep 25th
Willy Wonka  GoldLength: 5Sep 27th
mazzini  GoldLength: 2Sep 28th
Dr. Science  SilverLength: 9Sep 29th
Science!  SilverLength: 10Sep 29th
Who  SilverLength: 9Sep 30th

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