July, 2000

William Shatner!  Length: 2Jul 1st
Talking Heads  Length: 2Jul 1st
Gravity.  Length: 7Jul 2nd
Bad things happen in due time  Length: 4Jul 2nd
Wow, my eyes are bleeding.  Length: 7Jul 2nd
Why  Length: 8Jul 2nd
Machiavelli  Length: 5Jul 3rd
Bacon!  Length: 8Jul 3rd
BORING  Length: 2Jul 5th
Accuracy  Length: 6Jul 5th
The Future  Length: 3Jul 5th
Jobs  Length: 4Jul 5th
Foil Echelon!  Length: 4Jul 5th
Echelon  Length: 4Jul 6th
What's worse?  Length: 4Jul 6th
What's worse part 2  Length: 15Jul 6th
Okay  Length: 16Jul 6th
Who Would Win...  Length: 3Jul 6th
X-Men movie  Length: 2Jul 6th
Favourite Words  Length: 8Jul 6th
Lord of Illusions  Length: 4Jul 6th
muppet movies  Length: 5Jul 7th
Muppets?  Length: 3Jul 7th
glug  Length: 5Jul 7th
Muppet Movies  Length: 6Jul 7th
Privacy  Length: 10Jul 7th
crappy dreamsLength: 6Jul 8th
Broken LinksLength: 4Jul 8th
There is no God  Length: 5Jul 8th
Highlander  Length: 5Jul 9th
Just say no to drugs  Length: 5Jul 9th
That concert pamphlet.  Length: 8Jul 9th
Stuff  Length: 18Jul 9th
Voting Twice?  Length: 11Jul 9th
car  Length: 5Jul 10th
Squirrels  Length: 8Jul 10th
Ender's Game  Length: 5Jul 10th
No one likes squirrelsLength: 4Jul 10th
Pocketo' monsteru oh-weee?  Length: 4Jul 10th
wrapped around your finger  Length: 15Jul 10th
Pocketoh Monsteru Oh-Wee?  Length: 6Jul 10th
Clinton and Dole  Length: 3Jul 10th
What is your hobby?  Length: 3Jul 10th
You Beauty  Length: 5Jul 11th
neighbor  Length: 4Jul 11th
Las Vegas News  Length: 4Jul 11th
?  Length: 12Jul 12th
Jokes  Length: 5Jul 12th
*sigh*  Length: 11Jul 12th
Different Star Treks  Length: 12Jul 12th
HeinleinLength: 6Jul 13th
Yaaaaaaaay!  Length: 7Jul 13th
Book of Job  Length: 3Jul 13th
Oh-ay Odgay  Length: 2Jul 13th
Dejanews  Length: 5Jul 13th
X-men will rock.  Length: 6Jul 14th
Dejanews Update  Length: 5Jul 14th
memory  Length: 6Jul 14th
*bandLength: 10Jul 14th
X-men ruled.Length: 2Jul 14th
.py  Length: 2Jul 15th
In a fight to the death...  Length: 4Jul 15th
Age of Kings  Length: 13Jul 16th
More interesting facts  Length: 4Jul 17th
Groin  Length: 3Jul 17th
To ZEX  Length: 5Jul 18th
East Jerusalem  Length: 6Jul 18th
Kev-y  Length: 4Jul 18th
Nerd Quotient  Length: 2Jul 18th
As if  Length: 10Jul 18th
Macworld NY '00  Length: 12Jul 19th
a lost artLength: 5Jul 20th
Someone must pay.  Length: 6Jul 20th
Nacho Cheese  Length: 4Jul 20th
Observational humour  Length: 5Jul 21st
X-Files + Terminator  Length: 15Jul 21st
New Moon  Length: 7Jul 21st
MS  Length: 2Jul 21st
Dogbert  Length: 5Jul 23rd
bumpersticker  Length: 7Jul 24th
Dick  Length: 2Jul 24th
bleh  Length: 4Jul 24th
Survivor  Length: 14Jul 26th
Big Brother  Length: 4Jul 26th
Where is the beer?  Length: 6Jul 27th
Satan  Length: 17Jul 27th
RIAA BoycottLength: 4Jul 27th
Everyone's talking about me!  Length: 3Jul 27th
Ghost in the Shell  Length: 4Jul 28th
Well, I like Brittany Spears  Length: 6Jul 28th
Pizza  Length: 4Jul 28th
Languages  Length: 2Jul 28th
You got to  Length: 4Jul 28th
D&D: The Movie  Length: 5Jul 29th
Just something..  Length: 2Jul 29th
Those bottom links  Length: 10Jul 31st
Machiavelli  Length: 6Jul 31st

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