October, 2003

More Arnold  SilverLength: 4Oct 8th
I am stuck at work   Length: 3Oct 8th
boys  BronzeLength: 6Oct 10th
Cubs v. Red Sox  SilverLength: 3Oct 10th
Programmers have lives too!  SilverLength: 4Oct 13th
Does anyone else realize...  SilverLength: 4Oct 13th
Ugh, stupid online match sites  SilverLength: 3Oct 14th
Quote  SilverLength: 2Oct 16th
Too many boys!  SilverLength: 5Oct 17th
Matrix: Reloaded  SilverLength: 2Oct 17th
5 millionth  SilverLength: 3Oct 18th
you know  SilverLength: 3Oct 19th
No job  SilverLength: 3Oct 20th
HELP!!  GoldLength: 4Oct 20th
An old friend  SilverLength: 7Oct 20th
double digit club  BronzeLength: 4Oct 24th
Outlook  BronzeLength: 5Oct 24th
3rd Parties  GoldLength: 18Oct 30th
Re: super cookie  SilverLength: 2Oct 31st

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