September, 2003

Chicks  GoldLength: 6Sep 2nd
Ribcage augmentation  BronzeLength: 4Sep 3rd
Guess who loves you?   Length: 3Sep 4th
DSL  GoldLength: 4Sep 5th
Game Day  SilverLength: 3Sep 6th
Baconpie  SilverLength: 7Sep 9th
Hello Lester,  SilverLength: 7Sep 9th
Lester's Logarithm  SilverLength: 7Sep 9th
Job Security  GoldLength: 6Sep 10th
As long as we're on the topic  GoldLength: 4Sep 11th
Birthday Bacon   Length: 7Sep 11th
Hey Bacon  BronzeLength: 3Sep 11th
The "original" Conversatron?  BronzeLength: 4Sep 12th
Condoms  SilverLength: 3Sep 14th
Encore  GoldLength: 2Sep 15th
it is wdefonrul  GoldLength: 3Sep 17th
Re: it is wdefonrul   Length: 2Sep 17th
Mysterious as yet unknown  SilverLength: 4Sep 20th
Now THAT'S comedy.  SilverLength: 3Sep 22nd
Taxonomy  SilverLength: 4Sep 25th
Writing Exercise  GoldLength: 5Sep 25th
brain washing  SilverLength: 3Sep 26th
Who would win...  GoldLength: 3Sep 27th
conversatron mp3  GoldLength: 10Sep 28th
I'm running away forever!  GoldLength: 3Sep 29th

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