August, 2003

first week  GoldLength: 3Aug 1st
Mavis Beacon  BronzeLength: 5Aug 1st
Princess Bride  SilverLength: 4Aug 2nd
Bored.  GoldLength: 8Aug 3rd
Garage Sale  GoldLength: 12Aug 3rd
Family  BronzeLength: 3Aug 3rd
Club  SilverLength: 8Aug 3rd
Those mutherfuckers at B.K.   Length: 3Aug 5th
Brain freeze  BronzeLength: 2Aug 5th
neurosis  BronzeLength: 11Aug 5th
RE: neurosis  BronzeLength: 7Aug 5th
College Roommates  SilverLength: 3Aug 5th
Re: College Roommates  BronzeLength: 9Aug 6th
If we...  SilverLength: 6Aug 6th
Loser roommates and watercoolers  SilverLength: 8Aug 6th
Ganon  GoldLength: 5Aug 6th
GI Joe  SilverLength: 3Aug 6th
Swanky Hand Cream  BronzeLength: 9Aug 6th
hardy har har  BronzeLength: 11Aug 7th
Are you a clown?  BronzeLength: 9Aug 7th
Ganon revisited  GoldLength: 7Aug 7th
Imponderables  GoldLength: 7Aug 7th
Strip club   Length: 64Aug 9th
fake vs. real  GoldLength: 5Aug 11th
Conspiratorial  GoldLength: 12Aug 12th
Supreme Being:  SilverLength: 5Aug 14th
frisky  SilverLength: 3Aug 14th
George Lucas  GoldLength: 8Aug 15th
Not the Danza Slap  BronzeLength: 13Aug 15th
Fry.  SilverLength: 8Aug 17th
Bender.  SilverLength: 5Aug 17th
unruly grandmothers  SilverLength: 6Aug 17th
Band Camp=Girl Troubles  SilverLength: 3Aug 18th
Memory Lane  BronzeLength: 6Aug 19th
Taco Bell  GoldLength: 8Aug 21st
girlfriend  GoldLength: 3Aug 22nd
Running On Empty   Length: 2Aug 22nd
Taco Bell Dog  SilverLength: 3Aug 23rd
Stigmas  SilverLength: 9Aug 24th
Slashdot  BronzeLength: 9Aug 25th
Lingerie  SilverLength: 3Aug 25th
I suck  SilverLength: 7Aug 25th
video games  BronzeLength: 6Aug 26th
Annoyance  BronzeLength: 4Aug 26th
What's it mean  SilverLength: 4Aug 26th
Re: Mars  SilverLength: 8Aug 27th
Pseudo-Boyfriend  SilverLength: 5Aug 27th
Spelling Nazis  SilverLength: 4Aug 27th
Re: Course Selection Time!  SilverLength: 3Aug 27th
fratricide   Length: 2Aug 28th
hmm,  SilverLength: 7Aug 28th
Soup   Length: 3Aug 29th
PARTY!   Length: 2Aug 30th
Tattoos  SilverLength: 6Aug 31st

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