June, 2003

"Star Wars Kid"  SilverLength: 4Jun 1st
Anime?  SilverLength: 8Jun 2nd
biggest loss  GoldLength: 5Jun 2nd
Satisfy'n Icon  SilverLength: 6Jun 5th
I'm nervous  SilverLength: 2Jun 7th
Socialism   Length: 4Jun 7th
Money problems........  SilverLength: 2Jun 9th
Black holes  GoldLength: 10Jun 10th
Namelss Oddments  SilverLength: 2Jun 11th
Lack of Sleepiness  BronzeLength: 4Jun 11th
So I was sitting  SilverLength: 2Jun 11th
Snail Killers  BronzeLength: 4Jun 12th
Hmmm.  BronzeLength: 9Jun 14th
Toniiiiiight, tonight...  SilverLength: 8Jun 14th
Re: hot lesbian action...?  GoldLength: 5Jun 16th
RE: RE: Hot lesbian etc  SilverLength: 6Jun 16th
Humanity sucks.  BronzeLength: 2Jun 17th
Re: Leprechauns  GoldLength: 5Jun 17th
But I thought...  SilverLength: 5Jun 18th
One year at band camp....  GoldLength: 5Jun 19th
help?  SilverLength: 11Jun 19th
I don't have a job...  BronzeLength: 3Jun 20th
domestic disturbance  GoldLength: 9Jun 21st
quality [stripper] time  GoldLength: 8Jun 21st
alt+0246  BronzeLength: 3Jun 22nd
Worst food ever?  SilverLength: 6Jun 23rd
May I have Lester, then?  SilverLength: 8Jun 23rd
so....  SilverLength: 4Jun 24th
Being Obfuscatory  GoldLength: 8Jun 25th
Hmmm.  GoldLength: 8Jun 26th
Cheap Monty Python Quote  SilverLength: 7Jun 26th
What happens when..  BronzeLength: 5Jun 27th
Irony  SilverLength: 2Jun 27th
Point...  GoldLength: 3Jun 27th
The Conundrum of All Time  SilverLength: 3Jun 28th
Celeb dating  SilverLength: 6Jun 28th
Umm..  BronzeLength: 4Jun 29th
Help Wanted:  SilverLength: 4Jun 29th
Re: Flighty  GoldLength: 4Jun 30th

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