January, 2003

Ummm..   Length: 2Jan 1st
Jerk Squad!!  SilverLength: 5Jan 2nd
Huh  GoldLength: 8Jan 2nd
Off-world investors  SilverLength: 6Jan 2nd
Maybe you didn't hear me  SilverLength: 1Jan 3rd
Pride of Ohio  BronzeLength: 5Jan 4th
I'm off   Length: 8Jan 4th
so the site is closing?  SilverLength: 3Jan 4th
So, when's the big shut down?  BronzeLength: 4Jan 5th
The troubles of a new year  SilverLength: 3Jan 5th
Ratings  SilverLength: 14Jan 6th
Re: Computer Dork Jokes  GoldLength: 3Jan 7th
Re: re: Attention  SilverLength: 2Jan 7th
I'm dieing  SilverLength: 6Jan 7th
The scan scan  SilverLength: 6Jan 7th
RE: the scan scan  GoldLength: 3Jan 7th
Thoughts  GoldLength: 3Jan 7th
girlfriends and friends  GoldLength: 14Jan 8th
Stupid Lame-o War  GoldLength: 7Jan 8th
Friggin' Chicks  GoldLength: 5Jan 9th
Chess?  SilverLength: 3Jan 9th
PC Load Letter?!?  SilverLength: 3Jan 10th
Mother of pearl!!  GoldLength: 4Jan 10th
Jesus save me!  SilverLength: 9Jan 13th
poking fun at religions 2 far  BronzeLength: 3Jan 13th
this is not spam  GoldLength: 7Jan 14th
Outdated Cultural Icons  GoldLength: 5Jan 14th
Bender your Back!  SilverLength: 6Jan 14th
My thighs are burning. . .  GoldLength: 6Jan 14th
WWSD?  SilverLength: 10Jan 14th
Drew Carrey  SilverLength: 6Jan 15th
Lunch Etiquette  SilverLength: 2Jan 16th
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!  SilverLength: 7Jan 16th
Technologically backwards  BronzeLength: 2Jan 16th
Re: Weird or Stupid  SilverLength: 5Jan 16th
re: Wierd or Stupid  BronzeLength: 3Jan 16th
Random Hook up  SilverLength: 2Jan 17th
Dirty skank question   Length: 2Jan 17th
4th grade teacher  GoldLength: 7Jan 17th
White Trash  BronzeLength: 3Jan 18th
re: Your 4th Grade Teacher  SilverLength: 5Jan 19th
dates and the Tron  BronzeLength: 2Jan 20th
So.  SilverLength: 5Jan 20th
Sim*  GoldLength: 13Jan 20th
Hey guys!  BronzeLength: 6Jan 20th
Frodo has failed!!  GoldLength: 8Jan 20th
Ratings  BronzeLength: 4Jan 21st
Attention Readers  GoldLength: 8Jan 21st
vampires  GoldLength: 4Jan 21st
Meh.  SilverLength: 3Jan 21st
RE: Meh  GoldLength: 6Jan 21st
Croiky!  GoldLength: 6Jan 21st
D&D  GoldLength: 8Jan 21st
Re: Re: Meh  SilverLength: 1Jan 21st
classes  GoldLength: 4Jan 22nd
Screw D&D.  SilverLength: 3Jan 22nd
D&D talk  GoldLength: 5Jan 22nd
Tabletop  SilverLength: 3Jan 22nd
Re: D&D talk  SilverLength: 6Jan 22nd
QUINK!  SilverLength: 10Jan 22nd
Aussies on FIRE!  SilverLength: 7Jan 22nd
Aussies on FIRE!  SilverLength: 2Jan 22nd
Phat people  SilverLength: 4Jan 23rd
The QUINK Concert Synopsis  SilverLength: 3Jan 23rd
Greasing the palms  GoldLength: 3Jan 23rd
I Want Pizza  SilverLength: 9Jan 23rd
Futher Con spin-offs  SilverLength: 2Jan 23rd
Primetime TV  BronzeLength: 5Jan 23rd
British writers, look no further  SilverLength: 8Jan 25th
Evil black marble  SilverLength: 3Jan 25th
Re: Evil Black Marble  GoldLength: 3Jan 25th
Shampoo before marriage  BronzeLength: 3Jan 26th
New sympathy askee  BronzeLength: 2Jan 26th
Zoltar  BronzeLength: 2Jan 26th
re: What's it called...  BronzeLength: 2Jan 26th
rise of the machines  GoldLength: 4Jan 27th
Loose  BronzeLength: 9Jan 27th
so now it escalates.....  GoldLength: 4Jan 27th
Pete  SilverLength: 2Jan 28th
Pie  BronzeLength: 6Jan 28th
mmmm pie  GoldLength: 16Jan 28th
Interior  SilverLength: 2Jan 28th
What's happened to me  SilverLength: 5Jan 28th
*sigh*  GoldLength: 6Jan 29th
The devil  SilverLength: 4Jan 29th
re: The Devil  SilverLength: 4Jan 29th
so...  SilverLength: 7Jan 29th
Tracing, huh?  SilverLength: 5Jan 29th
I cannot tell a lie  SilverLength: 4Jan 30th
hey now  SilverLength: 5Jan 30th
Sleeeep...  BronzeLength: 4Jan 30th
Commerce Secretary Evans  SilverLength: 3Jan 30th
The letter X  BronzeLength: 5Jan 30th
Re: I cannot tell a lie.  GoldLength: 2Jan 31st
Hypocrites  SilverLength: 2Jan 31st
Like Nails on a Chalkboard  SilverLength: 6Jan 31st
Peace  SilverLength: 2Jan 31st

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