December, 2002

Yipes!  SilverLength: 3Dec 1st
Subliminable Messages  GoldLength: 3Dec 2nd
History Channel  SilverLength: 2Dec 2nd
All-nighter  SilverLength: 3Dec 2nd
Imagine my disappointment  BronzeLength: 9Dec 3rd
am I a cheapskate?  SilverLength: 4Dec 3rd
terrorism  SilverLength: 2Dec 4th
OMG look!  BronzeLength: 6Dec 4th
LeVar Burton...  SilverLength: 4Dec 5th
Little Suggestion  SilverLength: 5Dec 5th
clear channel  SilverLength: 2Dec 6th
Sudden interest  SilverLength: 3Dec 6th
Nog  SilverLength: 7Dec 8th
re: earmuffs  SilverLength: 3Dec 10th
Re: Subjects  SilverLength: 7Dec 11th
Max  SilverLength: 3Dec 11th
Omiage  SilverLength: 3Dec 11th
My birthday...   Length: 641Dec 12th
Goals.  SilverLength: 4Dec 13th
Christmas Gift  SilverLength: 2Dec 14th
So tell me  SilverLength: 3Dec 15th
what was this game called?  SilverLength: 2Dec 15th
Friends with benefits...  GoldLength: 2Dec 16th
the billing assistant  SilverLength: 5Dec 16th
7up biscuits  SilverLength: 5Dec 16th
Multiple oooh's and ahh's  SilverLength: 3Dec 16th
one of THOSE questions...  GoldLength: 7Dec 16th
Dating  GoldLength: 7Dec 18th
Research paper  SilverLength: 3Dec 18th
Harlan Ellison  GoldLength: 9Dec 18th
Harlan Ellison paper  GoldLength: 2Dec 18th
When girls complain about guys..  SilverLength: 2Dec 19th
Final final.  GoldLength: 6Dec 19th
Geek Porn  GoldLength: 12Dec 19th
Buzz Kirkwood.   Length: 2Dec 19th
AC Adaptors  SilverLength: 2Dec 19th
Re: Geek Porn  GoldLength: 17Dec 19th
Star wars  SilverLength: 5Dec 19th
re: Star Wars  SilverLength: 6Dec 19th
Jeopardy   Length: 2Dec 19th
Al Gore  SilverLength: 3Dec 20th
Christmas  BronzeLength: 4Dec 21st
Christmas  SilverLength: 2Dec 21st
Dreamcast  GoldLength: 2Dec 22nd
The psycho ex-girlfriend  SilverLength: 3Dec 23rd
Conversatron Tours Schools!  BronzeLength: 2Dec 24th
Television  SilverLength: 5Dec 24th
Merry Christmas  SilverLength: 6Dec 24th
W00T L33T  GoldLength: 2Dec 26th
I'm frustrated!  GoldLength: 8Dec 26th
Huh.  SilverLength: 9Dec 26th
Christmas list  SilverLength: 3Dec 27th
Re: Christmas List  SilverLength: 3Dec 27th
Happy New Year!  SilverLength: 6Dec 27th
An army of undead  SilverLength: 2Dec 28th
Hehe...  SilverLength: 7Dec 30th
funny  GoldLength: 6Dec 30th
New Year's Eve  GoldLength: 5Dec 30th
Dear Sweet Jesus  SilverLength: 3Dec 31st
HNY03!  GoldLength: 4Dec 31st
Good news everyone!  BronzeLength: 6Dec 31st

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