October, 2002

Morning Drive Time  GoldLength: 7Oct 1st
Got you beat on the IM thing...  SilverLength: 2Oct 1st
Is is just me...  GoldLength: 6Oct 1st
A-Haha...  SilverLength: 5Oct 1st
Re: A Haha...  SilverLength: 5Oct 1st
dear mom  SilverLength: 5Oct 1st
yeah, baby  GoldLength: 4Oct 2nd
Pain & suffering  SilverLength: 6Oct 2nd
RE: Is is just me...  BronzeLength: 6Oct 2nd
what to do?  GoldLength: 4Oct 2nd
Weird Al  SilverLength: 3Oct 2nd
Re: Bumblebees  BronzeLength: 2Oct 2nd
Bass  SilverLength: 2Oct 3rd
Weapons Inspectors  SilverLength: 5Oct 3rd
UN  SilverLength: 6Oct 3rd
alarm clocks...  SilverLength: 10Oct 4th
US  SilverLength: 4Oct 4th
Snow Cold  SilverLength: 6Oct 4th
Dorks vs. Sports  BronzeLength: 5Oct 4th
re: Dorks vs. Sports  SilverLength: 5Oct 4th
Jesus  GoldLength: 3Oct 4th
Specifically,  BronzeLength: 5Oct 5th
Girl  BronzeLength: 2Oct 6th
How can I put off dying?  SilverLength: 11Oct 7th
librarians  SilverLength: 4Oct 7th
80008   Length: 2Oct 7th
Re: Cube?  SilverLength: 5Oct 7th
BookWorm  BronzeLength: 3Oct 7th
Judge  GoldLength: 3Oct 8th
Job  SilverLength: 3Oct 8th
The Great Number  SilverLength: 5Oct 8th
Nail Biter  SilverLength: 4Oct 9th
Agony  SilverLength: 5Oct 9th
Spelling  SilverLength: 2Oct 9th
Re: Spelling  GoldLength: 5Oct 9th
WTF?  SilverLength: 3Oct 9th
I think I found the Problem  SilverLength: 6Oct 9th
Romulans  BronzeLength: 5Oct 9th
lovely.... just lovely  BronzeLength: 2Oct 10th
Irony?  SilverLength: 5Oct 11th
What?  BronzeLength: 3Oct 11th
Witch Out Front  BronzeLength: 3Oct 12th
depressed  SilverLength: 3Oct 13th
suxxxor  GoldLength: 3Oct 14th
Herakleides  SilverLength: 5Oct 14th
MS switch  BronzeLength: 4Oct 14th
Conundrumtron  GoldLength: 3Oct 14th
The M.S.C. - where'd he go??  GoldLength: 5Oct 14th
For the love of god, why??!  SilverLength: 4Oct 14th
microsoft self-destruct  GoldLength: 2Oct 14th
Las Vegas  SilverLength: 2Oct 15th
Discovery Channel  SilverLength: 4Oct 17th
Yo!  SilverLength: 4Oct 18th
Oh! Oh! I know this game!  SilverLength: 2Oct 19th
Secret of Mana  SilverLength: 4Oct 21st
Tweak  BronzeLength: 6Oct 21st
Hillary  SilverLength: 3Oct 21st
Re: Halloween  SilverLength: 3Oct 22nd
Re: Re: Halloween  GoldLength: 8Oct 22nd
Sacrilicious  SilverLength: 15Oct 22nd
RE: Sacrilicious  SilverLength: 3Oct 22nd
Argh!  BronzeLength: 2Oct 23rd
Language Homework  GoldLength: 5Oct 23rd
Lord of the Rings  SilverLength: 9Oct 24th
Runnin' with the pack!  GoldLength: 6Oct 24th
Re: T-shirts  SilverLength: 7Oct 25th
Laziness  GoldLength: 9Oct 25th
Stickers  SilverLength: 7Oct 25th
Joe Clark's hot daughter  SilverLength: 6Oct 25th
Alrighty  GoldLength: 4Oct 25th
Pornographic Askees  GoldLength: 7Oct 25th
Cruel Intentions 2: Electric...  SilverLength: 6Oct 28th
Just an observation...  SilverLength: 3Oct 28th
My Bratty Nephew  SilverLength: 6Oct 28th
Costumes  GoldLength: 2Oct 29th
ARTS 110  BronzeLength: 8Oct 29th
Halloween  SilverLength: 2Oct 30th
Laid Off  GoldLength: 7Oct 30th
Re: Pie  SilverLength: 3Oct 30th
C++  BronzeLength: 3Oct 31st
Internet Simulator.  BronzeLength: 4Oct 31st
Kraft  SilverLength: 2Oct 31st

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