September, 2002

school  GoldLength: 10Sep 3rd
Hey, Mr. T  SilverLength: 4Sep 3rd
you can't pity me.  GoldLength: 2Sep 3rd
More's the Pity  GoldLength: 7Sep 3rd
Health Hazard  SilverLength: 4Sep 3rd
shut up!  GoldLength: 9Sep 3rd
Barkeep!  SilverLength: 4Sep 3rd
Hey, Ohio.  GoldLength: 4Sep 4th
I once...  SilverLength: 3Sep 4th
re:Ohio  SilverLength: 2Sep 4th
question for Karen  SilverLength: 5Sep 4th
F&cking @ssholes  SilverLength: 5Sep 5th
Triple Dubya  SilverLength: 3Sep 5th
re: Triple Dubya  SilverLength: 2Sep 5th
Holy Bejesus!  BronzeLength: 6Sep 5th
A want to buy you a drink!  GoldLength: 6Sep 6th
Clipper  SilverLength: 7Sep 6th
CNN sucks!  SilverLength: 9Sep 7th
Link to us and win!  GoldLength: 16Sep 7th
MiniDiscs  SilverLength: 4Sep 7th
Lucy and Ethel make me wonder  SilverLength: 5Sep 8th
Speaker Systems  SilverLength: 6Sep 9th
But...  BronzeLength: 2Sep 9th
Worst  SilverLength: 2Sep 10th
massachusettes  SilverLength: 7Sep 10th
dub  GoldLength: 3Sep 10th
Farscape cancellation  SilverLength: 4Sep 10th
Re: Farscape Cancellation  GoldLength: 3Sep 10th
National security gone to far?  SilverLength: 14Sep 10th
Link button  GoldLength: 6Sep 10th
Ugh.......  SilverLength: 3Sep 11th
Bummer  GoldLength: 10Sep 12th
Wise Turtle  BronzeLength: 9Sep 12th
$$ Matters...  SilverLength: 2Sep 12th
Freaky Wallpaper  SilverLength: 2Sep 12th
What are the odds?  GoldLength: 3Sep 12th
Wonderful day  GoldLength: 3Sep 13th
Guess what today is?  SilverLength: 2Sep 13th
RTCW MP  SilverLength: 4Sep 14th
Makes you think. Almost.  SilverLength: 2Sep 14th
Conversatron: The Movie  BronzeLength: 3Sep 15th
Women troubleshooting  SilverLength: 6Sep 15th
Poison Pens  SilverLength: 5Sep 16th
well AFTER work...  SilverLength: 9Sep 16th
Freakazoid  BronzeLength: 3Sep 17th
DInosaur Snowcones  BronzeLength: 2Sep 17th
Wily E. Coyote  SilverLength: 3Sep 17th
improper computer speak  BronzeLength: 3Sep 17th
re: improper computer speak  SilverLength: 3Sep 17th
Optimal Geektitude  SilverLength: 4Sep 19th
More Geektitude  SilverLength: 4Sep 19th
Tilting at Windmills  SilverLength: 4Sep 20th
crazy shoeless Matt  SilverLength: 4Sep 20th
No shoes no shirt  SilverLength: 3Sep 20th
Oh, eff.  SilverLength: 4Sep 20th
boredom  GoldLength: 6Sep 20th
Boots in a dryer  SilverLength: 2Sep 20th
The 25 cent question  SilverLength: 2Sep 21st
Oregonian State Funds  SilverLength: 2Sep 22nd
Wax on, wax off.   Length: 2Sep 23rd
Re: Wax on, wax off.  GoldLength: 17Sep 23rd
Yoiu guys  GoldLength: 2Sep 23rd
Car  SilverLength: 5Sep 23rd
Just so you know....  SilverLength: 3Sep 23rd
Good Morning!  SilverLength: 5Sep 24th
TMOL is a Theif  BronzeLength: 4Sep 24th
Umm...Maple? No.  SilverLength: 7Sep 24th
"We have been allies/enemies"  GoldLength: 4Sep 24th
Spacebar.  BronzeLength: 4Sep 24th
Tainting the matrix  BronzeLength: 4Sep 24th
Loused up?  BronzeLength: 3Sep 24th
hot women  SilverLength: 8Sep 24th
Vole Cannon   Length: 3Sep 25th
St. Volus  SilverLength: 5Sep 25th
Her here or me there?  GoldLength: 3Sep 25th
Wow!  SilverLength: 8Sep 25th
Oh boy  SilverLength: 4Sep 25th
The BeOS screenshot  SilverLength: 11Sep 25th
boring question.  BronzeLength: 11Sep 26th
Bad Dream  SilverLength: 3Sep 26th
Re: Lobster Magnet  SilverLength: 16Sep 26th
Kate on Mathnet?  BronzeLength: 7Sep 26th
Re: Kate on Mathnet  SilverLength: 3Sep 26th
Late Night DJ  BronzeLength: 4Sep 26th
Dangit  BronzeLength: 3Sep 27th
Screw myself  SilverLength: 2Sep 27th
bfast  SilverLength: 3Sep 27th
Decisions  SilverLength: 5Sep 27th
anime  BronzeLength: 4Sep 27th
Re: Decisions  SilverLength: 6Sep 27th
internet meme!  SilverLength: 3Sep 27th
A question for the sages...  SilverLength: 2Sep 27th
Predictions?  BronzeLength: 2Sep 28th
Steve Buscemi  GoldLength: 7Sep 29th
Steve  BronzeLength: 2Sep 30th

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