April, 2002

huzzah, a musical!   GoldLength: 2Apr 1st
Dance Music   SilverLength: 5Apr 1st
RE: Is it just me...   SilverLength: 5Apr 2nd
NoneLength: 3Apr 4th
Friday night boredom   GoldLength: 7Apr 5th
Hey Bacon...   BronzeLength: 4Apr 5th
I hate looking at it   SilverLength: 3Apr 6th
Mystery   BronzeLength: 3Apr 6th
Vitamins (Vitt-uh-mins)Length: 3Apr 6th
Humanity.   GoldLength: 6Apr 6th
ColorsLength: 2Apr 6th
Re: ColorsLength: 2Apr 6th
speaking of condoms...   BronzeLength: 3Apr 7th
Re: QuestionsLength: 6Apr 7th
Re: Re: questions   GoldLength: 6Apr 7th
Tch.   GoldLength: 3Apr 7th
Bartender from Halo   GoldLength: 3Apr 8th
Hey, Barkeep!   GoldLength: 8Apr 8th
Efficiency   GoldLength: 13Apr 8th
Hey, Barkeep! (II)   BronzeLength: 2Apr 8th
Help!Length: 2Apr 8th
ah good   BronzeLength: 5Apr 9th
not corn, please   SilverLength: 6Apr 9th
Yay!   SilverLength: 4Apr 9th
Re: I'm Naked.   BronzeLength: 6Apr 9th
Why is it that...   SilverLength: 2Apr 9th
no one will tell me this   GoldLength: 2Apr 10th
Really need an answer...   SilverLength: 6Apr 10th
Pfft   BronzeLength: 7Apr 10th
The Cheese Stands Alone   SilverLength: 4Apr 11th
www   SilverLength: 7Apr 11th
re: www   GoldLength: 13Apr 11th
Re: Pfft   SilverLength: 6Apr 11th
Re: Re: Pft   SilverLength: 6Apr 11th
Something I've got to say...   GoldLength: 3Apr 11th
Wait a second..   GoldLength: 8Apr 11th
Broken 'tron   SilverLength: 17Apr 11th
Can I kill her now?   GoldLength: 5Apr 12th
Re: Oysters   SilverLength: 5Apr 12th
Hey Bacon!   BronzeLength: 11Apr 12th
Alt tags   GoldLength: 7Apr 12th
Alt Tags 2: Electric Boogaloo   SilverLength: 2Apr 12th
Alt Tags 3: The Tagging   GoldLength: 3Apr 12th
Beware of the Memes!   SilverLength: 5Apr 12th
Voter registration   SilverLength: 7Apr 12th
Re: Alt tags?   SilverLength: 2Apr 12th
Hmmm.   GoldLength: 3Apr 12th
re: Hmmm.   GoldLength: 5Apr 12th
EEEYAAH!   GoldLength: 4Apr 12th
Economic determination   BronzeLength: 3Apr 12th
Ayn Rand   SilverLength: 3Apr 13th
For the future.   BronzeLength: 2Apr 13th
Random Fact   SilverLength: 3Apr 13th
The Evil That Men Do   SilverLength: 2Apr 14th
Speaking of Sunshine   SilverLength: 3Apr 16th
Morcheeba   SilverLength: 7Apr 16th
Themes, and icons and stuff   BronzeLength: 4Apr 16th
Civil Rights   BronzeLength: 4Apr 16th
Re: Re: Log   BronzeLength: 2Apr 16th
Jeopardy!   GoldLength: 5Apr 16th
Re: Civil Rights (Alf)   BronzeLength: 5Apr 16th
Log and Passwords   GoldLength: 7Apr 16th
Holy Craptacious Heavens.   BronzeLength: 4Apr 16th
The Middle East 'Crisis'   SilverLength: 3Apr 16th
Re: Midle East Crisis.   SilverLength: 2Apr 16th
Rodents   SilverLength: 5Apr 17th
lincoln   BronzeLength: 3Apr 17th
Sweet, sweet butter   GoldLength: 6Apr 17th
Pardon Me...   SilverLength: 6Apr 17th
mythic merchandise   GoldLength: 3Apr 17th
polar bears   SilverLength: 3Apr 17th
RE: polar bears   SilverLength: 3Apr 17th
Holy Crap   SilverLength: 4Apr 17th
A serious question.   SilverLength: 4Apr 17th
themes   BronzeLength: 2Apr 17th
Re: Pineapple juice   GoldLength: 2Apr 17th
Could   GoldLength: 7Apr 17th
Help!   GoldLength: 2Apr 17th
trent reznor rocks!   BronzeLength: 4Apr 18th
poll   BronzeLength: 11Apr 18th
HA!   GoldLength: 7Apr 18th
Vegetarian...   SilverLength: 3Apr 18th
sody-pop   BronzeLength: 5Apr 18th
Corn to my left Rice to my right   SilverLength: 5Apr 18th
The Con/Lately   SilverLength: 7Apr 18th
Holmes   GoldLength: 6Apr 18th
None   GoldLength: 2Apr 18th
AHH!!!!   SilverLength: 4Apr 18th
Spider-Man   BronzeLength: 3Apr 18th
7-Up   SilverLength: 2Apr 18th
Suggestion   BronzeLength: 4Apr 19th
2am   SilverLength: 3Apr 19th
heh...   GoldLength: 7Apr 19th
beef   SilverLength: 4Apr 19th
Re: Prophylactics   SilverLength: 3Apr 19th
Hey!   SilverLength: 4Apr 19th
Fire   SilverLength: 4Apr 19th
cananadada   GoldLength: 10Apr 19th
well I'll be   SilverLength: 8Apr 19th
A quandary   SilverLength: 4Apr 20th
moon power   SilverLength: 6Apr 21st
Popup Ad   SilverLength: 2Apr 22nd
Monkeys and Typewriters   BronzeLength: 3Apr 22nd
Re: Monkeys and Typewriters   GoldLength: 5Apr 22nd
Butter nuts...   GoldLength: 3Apr 22nd
PowaLength: 2Apr 22nd
Re: Powa   SilverLength: 20Apr 22nd
George v. George   GoldLength: 3Apr 22nd
Wow...   SilverLength: 5Apr 22nd
Haiku   GoldLength: 7Apr 23rd
Nortavresnoc   BronzeLength: 7Apr 23rd
re: Nortavresnoc   GoldLength: 2Apr 23rd
i can't find him!   SilverLength: 3Apr 23rd
I can't find him!   SilverLength: 2Apr 23rd
My dog won't stop barking!   SilverLength: 5Apr 23rd
RCA Oven Snort   SilverLength: 8Apr 23rd
Conversaforum!   SilverLength: 7Apr 23rd
Hi!   BronzeLength: 4Apr 23rd
I'm tiredLength: 3Apr 24th
English classes   SilverLength: 3Apr 24th
Search Engines   GoldLength: 5Apr 24th
Dead Audience?   SilverLength: 6Apr 24th
Faking death   SilverLength: 4Apr 24th
I can only imagine...   BronzeLength: 5Apr 24th
cheetas   SilverLength: 7Apr 24th
re: Feigning Death   GoldLength: 7Apr 24th
Knight Rider   GoldLength: 3Apr 24th
re: Knight Rider   GoldLength: 2Apr 24th
Futurama crew   GoldLength: 2Apr 24th
Three's CompanyLength: 5Apr 24th
Garak didn't ask that question   SilverLength: 4Apr 24th
umm   SilverLength: 4Apr 25th
Confirmation   GoldLength: 4Apr 25th
Oh....   BronzeLength: 7Apr 25th
A Thousand Miles   BronzeLength: 5Apr 25th
Drew Carey vs. the sniper   SilverLength: 3Apr 25th
problem   GoldLength: 3Apr 25th
Jesus?   SilverLength: 3Apr 26th
Convention.   BronzeLength: 5Apr 26th
Crapux   SilverLength: 4Apr 26th
Universal Law of Non-Involvement   SilverLength: 3Apr 26th
Filking   GoldLength: 3Apr 26th
I need new friends.   SilverLength: 2Apr 26th
Meow Mix   GoldLength: 4Apr 26th
Morning sex   SilverLength: 4Apr 27th
The more we know...   SilverLength: 3Apr 27th
Religion   BronzeLength: 3Apr 28th
Religion, the Sequel   SilverLength: 5Apr 28th
Running for Office   SilverLength: 3Apr 28th
. . .   SilverLength: 3Apr 28th
Hello.   GoldLength: 3Apr 28th
Re: Hello   SilverLength: 3Apr 28th
<whimpers>   SilverLength: 4Apr 28th
this old man   GoldLength: 4Apr 29th
love   SilverLength: 6Apr 29th
Get this...   SilverLength: 5Apr 29th
Congrats, Christopher!   SilverLength: 2Apr 29th
Oh please help me..   SilverLength: 9Apr 29th
You Suck!   SilverLength: 4Apr 29th
Ants   GoldLength: 3Apr 29th
Re: Re: Ants   GoldLength: 3Apr 29th
What is...   BronzeLength: 10Apr 30th
Uma?   BronzeLength: 6Apr 30th
New Jersey   GoldLength: 5Apr 30th
Re: Sharpie on monitor   SilverLength: 6Apr 30th
Maltesers   SilverLength: 5Apr 30th
Milk duds   GoldLength: 3Apr 30th
Leftovers   SilverLength: 8Apr 30th
Why   GoldLength: 1Apr 30th
Online Gambling   BronzeLength: 2Apr 30th
Re: *BA-DUM-CHING*   GoldLength: 2Apr 30th
What the hell...   SilverLength: 3Apr 30th
Whatever   SilverLength: 4Apr 30th
carly simon is still hot.   SilverLength: 13Apr 30th

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