January, 2002

Ahhhhhh!!!   SilverLength: 3Jan 1st
damn drunken drunkards   BronzeLength: 3Jan 1st
ShininessLength: 7Jan 1st
Maybe this year   BronzeLength: 4Jan 2nd
Hot hot New Years   SilverLength: 2Jan 2nd
TVLength: 2Jan 3rd
Pushing and Shoving   SilverLength: 5Jan 3rd
Hey!Length: 2Jan 3rd
Hey!   BronzeLength: 7Jan 4th
Apple Rumors?   SilverLength: 4Jan 4th
Apple rumor guess   BronzeLength: 3Jan 4th
NNNNGGGG!! IT IS *DANCING*!!Length: 4Jan 4th
Being Sick   BronzeLength: 4Jan 4th
Why, C++, why?   BronzeLength: 7Jan 4th
Nerdness   SilverLength: 4Jan 4th
Riiiiiight....   BronzeLength: 4Jan 5th
Nerds....   BronzeLength: 2Jan 5th
Those Star Wars Guys   GoldLength: 2Jan 5th
bigger nerd than the nerds?   SilverLength: 4Jan 6th
That Coffee Smell   SilverLength: 2Jan 7th
Film rites   GoldLength: 3Jan 7th
DVD Releases   SilverLength: 6Jan 7th
Kids Phases   SilverLength: 2Jan 7th
re: Phases   SilverLength: 2Jan 7th
Pokemon   BronzeLength: 2Jan 7th
Tron on DVD   BronzeLength: 3Jan 7th
Do Apple fansLength: 3Jan 7th
Re: Do Apple fans   BronzeLength: 2Jan 7th
Dave Thomas   BronzeLength: 2Jan 8th
What?   SilverLength: 5Jan 8th
Say what?!   SilverLength: 7Jan 8th
Futurama   SilverLength: 2Jan 8th
Which was better...   SilverLength: 5Jan 8th
Heh-heh   SilverLength: 4Jan 9th
Chanting Attack Names   SilverLength: 2Jan 9th
It's Real TV!!   SilverLength: 6Jan 9th
Comic Timing Pauses?   BronzeLength: 5Jan 9th
Ground Control to Major Dole   SilverLength: 3Jan 9th
*sigh*   BronzeLength: 3Jan 9th
Death of Star Wars   SilverLength: 4Jan 9th
Whiny fanboys win over 'Nsync.   SilverLength: 4Jan 10th
NSync   SilverLength: 2Jan 10th
Can somebody explain to me..   SilverLength: 4Jan 10th
Cosmic Green   SilverLength: 8Jan 11th
HTML on Conversatron   GoldLength: 2Jan 11th
Outside links   SilverLength: 3Jan 11th
re: Cosmic Green   BronzeLength: 3Jan 11th
Teflon   SilverLength: 3Jan 12th
re: Teflon   SilverLength: 4Jan 12th
Magic Markers   BronzeLength: 5Jan 12th
Quickly!   SilverLength: 3Jan 13th
So, like...   GoldLength: 3Jan 13th
Silent letters   GoldLength: 8Jan 13th
Ghoti   SilverLength: 2Jan 14th
More Ghoti Discourse   BronzeLength: 2Jan 14th
Re: Ghoti   SilverLength: 4Jan 14th
re: re: Ghotti   GoldLength: 8Jan 14th
Is it true...   BronzeLength: 3Jan 14th
How do you eat yours?   GoldLength: 3Jan 14th
NWMB needs more room?   BronzeLength: 4Jan 14th
Fear not, Americans...   GoldLength: 3Jan 14th
Something smells ghotiy   BronzeLength: 4Jan 14th
Burning the candle at both ends   BronzeLength: 3Jan 15th
The truth is out there...   GoldLength: 8Jan 15th
Ahh Il padrone Don Pasta enters   SilverLength: 7Jan 15th
Thank you.   SilverLength: 2Jan 15th
In Retrospect...   SilverLength: 9Jan 15th
patriotism   GoldLength: 5Jan 15th
<gag>   SilverLength: 2Jan 16th
thought i would share   SilverLength: 4Jan 16th
Jury Duty   GoldLength: 2Jan 16th
Chocolate pretzels?   SilverLength: 2Jan 16th
Hey!   SilverLength: 7Jan 16th
I own Microsoft.   SilverLength: 3Jan 16th
Re: Stupid People   GoldLength: 7Jan 17th
Psst! Alf, I'll give you a cat!   SilverLength: 3Jan 17th
What is Love?   GoldLength: 4Jan 17th
What is love?   GoldLength: 5Jan 18th
The X-Files...   BronzeLength: 6Jan 18th
Alien Speech   GoldLength: 10Jan 18th
I just walked up...   BronzeLength: 3Jan 18th
Indiana   SilverLength: 4Jan 18th
My evening..   SilverLength: 6Jan 18th
SEXY ENRON SHOCKER!   SilverLength: 3Jan 18th
she died?   SilverLength: 4Jan 19th
Quick question   SilverLength: 5Jan 20th
Feets   BronzeLength: 6Jan 20th
poor tan m&m's . . .   BronzeLength: 4Jan 20th
Web Authoring   SilverLength: 3Jan 21st
problems after death   BronzeLength: 2Jan 21st
Just doesn't seem right...   SilverLength: 4Jan 22nd
Dear God   SilverLength: 6Jan 22nd
Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!   GoldLength: 5Jan 22nd
DrywallLength: 3Jan 22nd
Re: Drywall   GoldLength: 3Jan 22nd
Tactics and Strategy   SilverLength: 6Jan 22nd
....Lies... *sigh*   BronzeLength: 3Jan 23rd
Ooh!Length: 4Jan 23rd
It's the 80s!   BronzeLength: 8Jan 24th
Er, question?   SilverLength: 5Jan 24th
evil roomate   BronzeLength: 5Jan 24th
Ding dong   SilverLength: 3Jan 24th
Nitpicker's Guide to the 'tron   GoldLength: 4Jan 24th
well, damn.   BronzeLength: 3Jan 24th
You be the judge   BronzeLength: 3Jan 24th
CWRU   SilverLength: 6Jan 24th
Ex   BronzeLength: 4Jan 24th
hey, i have an icon picture,   SilverLength: 3Jan 25th
Power kills?   BronzeLength: 3Jan 25th
Sugar Land Police   BronzeLength: 9Jan 25th
love life   SilverLength: 5Jan 25th
ideas   BronzeLength: 2Jan 25th
Dinnah   SilverLength: 5Jan 25th
Frats   SilverLength: 4Jan 26th
What is it with nerds and booze?   BronzeLength: 9Jan 27th
topics   SilverLength: 10Jan 27th
it makes me mad.   BronzeLength: 2Jan 28th
re: it makes me mad   BronzeLength: 2Jan 28th
Ouch   GoldLength: 4Jan 28th
FUCK YOU L.A.!   SilverLength: 4Jan 28th
Words that are fun to say!Length: 3Jan 28th
Re: Fun Words   SilverLength: 4Jan 28th
1812 and Canada   SilverLength: 5Jan 28th
The Fourth Wall   SilverLength: 4Jan 29th
RE: Fun WordsLength: 3Jan 29th
The Funny   BronzeLength: 6Jan 29th
Goddammit, Conversatron!   BronzeLength: 10Jan 29th
Queer DuckLength: 8Jan 29th
Hmm   BronzeLength: 6Jan 29th
My last work day is tomorrow   BronzeLength: 2Jan 30th
Yargh   SilverLength: 9Jan 30th
Quantitive Query   SilverLength: 3Jan 30th
What the hell?   GoldLength: 10Jan 30th
State of the Union   GoldLength: 13Jan 30th
Let's Roll   BronzeLength: 6Jan 30th
Earth, release me.   SilverLength: 3Jan 30th
Porn   SilverLength: 5Jan 30th
mmm...elves...   GoldLength: 3Jan 30th
FREAKS!   SilverLength: 5Jan 30th
People you know   GoldLength: 4Jan 31st
I found a new emotion   GoldLength: 6Jan 31st
who would win   BronzeLength: 5Jan 31st
RE: who would win   SilverLength: 4Jan 31st
Fred Savage   SilverLength: 11Jan 31st
Pointless?   SilverLength: 6Jan 31st
I will side with YOU *Salute*   BronzeLength: 4Jan 31st
Trillian vs. AOL   SilverLength: 10Jan 31st
Mail Call   SilverLength: 18Jan 31st
Hello?   GoldLength: 4Jan 31st
Cellophane lingerie   GoldLength: 3Jan 31st
Wow.   SilverLength: 4Jan 31st
Blood   BronzeLength: 5Jan 31st

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