November, 2001

No wait...   BronzeLength: 4Nov 1st
Bridge Builder   GoldLength: 5Nov 1st
RE: Furry shadowrun   SilverLength: 2Nov 1st
The point of DLSTLength: 3Nov 2nd
DLSTLength: 2Nov 2nd
Re: The Point of DLST   SilverLength: 12Nov 2nd
Mr. Bob   SilverLength: 4Nov 2nd
Hey there.   SilverLength: 2Nov 2nd
None   SilverLength: 2Nov 2nd
Holy Schnikies!   BronzeLength: 2Nov 3rd
Trashed   SilverLength: 4Nov 4th
speaking of dbz   BronzeLength: 2Nov 4th
DBZ   SilverLength: 3Nov 4th
Balls   SilverLength: 4Nov 4th
Lesbians!   SilverLength: 6Nov 4th
SAT III   SilverLength: 5Nov 5th
Aurora Kickassus   SilverLength: 2Nov 5th
Dr. Egon Spengler   BronzeLength: 2Nov 6th
You Imbecile   GoldLength: 3Nov 6th
Re: Mountain Dew Code RedLength: 3Nov 6th
Grand Theft Auto 3   GoldLength: 2Nov 6th
TVR   SilverLength: 8Nov 6th
*phone ringing*Length: 4Nov 7th
Just like real life   GoldLength: 2Nov 7th
Hey!   SilverLength: 6Nov 8th
Free condoms!   GoldLength: 6Nov 8th
I don't want an icon but   GoldLength: 7Nov 9th
I have an idea.   SilverLength: 2Nov 9th
As a straight A student,   BronzeLength: 4Nov 9th
good lord you poeple are sad   SilverLength: 3Nov 10th
help!   SilverLength: 4Nov 10th
Should I take the plunge?   GoldLength: 3Nov 10th
damn thieves   SilverLength: 3Nov 11th
A day without stress...   SilverLength: 6Nov 12th
Philosopher jokes.   GoldLength: 4Nov 12th
Life, Computers, and Your Mom   GoldLength: 2Nov 12th
What have I done?!   SilverLength: 2Nov 12th
Hmm.   GoldLength: 14Nov 12th
Horny desperate girls?   GoldLength: 6Nov 12th
MusicalLength: 5Nov 13th
Pssst...   SilverLength: 4Nov 13th
Robots of DOOM   GoldLength: 5Nov 13th
Another philosopher joke.   SilverLength: 2Nov 13th
Parents Walking In   SilverLength: 3Nov 13th
Point of order   GoldLength: 7Nov 14th
Wake up   GoldLength: 9Nov 14th
Head   SilverLength: 3Nov 14th
Ick, Macintosh   GoldLength: 5Nov 14th
I'm so lame.   GoldLength: 13Nov 14th
JOE CLARK!   BronzeLength: 6Nov 14th
Whooo! XBOX!   GoldLength: 15Nov 14th
Is Microsoft insane?   SilverLength: 3Nov 15th
Nintendo64   GoldLength: 5Nov 15th
Re: Icons   SilverLength: 6Nov 15th
Why don't you explain...   SilverLength: 3Nov 15th
<Yawn>   GoldLength: 5Nov 16th
Gifts   BronzeLength: 4Nov 16th
What You Get For The Man Who Has   BronzeLength: 2Nov 16th
Pathetic   SilverLength: 2Nov 16th
Re: Splish SplashLength: 3Nov 17th
Re:Re:Splish Splash   GoldLength: 2Nov 17th
Gynocology   GoldLength: 2Nov 17th
meteor shower??   GoldLength: 2Nov 18th
can you help me?   SilverLength: 3Nov 18th
Argh!   BronzeLength: 2Nov 18th
Ugh.   BronzeLength: 2Nov 18th
Conservative girls   BronzeLength: 3Nov 18th
Re: conservative girls   SilverLength: 2Nov 18th
So...   SilverLength: 2Nov 19th
GOD   GoldLength: 15Nov 19th
Where's the fads?Length: 2Nov 19th
Carrot Top   SilverLength: 3Nov 19th
Armm numm numm....   GoldLength: 10Nov 19th
On the nature of Robots   GoldLength: 7Nov 19th
Request   GoldLength: 16Nov 19th
Zowie!   GoldLength: 5Nov 19th
Holy...   GoldLength: 3Nov 19th
Anti-Caffeine   BronzeLength: 2Nov 20th
I should have been doing work   SilverLength: 3Nov 20th
Sprint   BronzeLength: 2Nov 20th
Women   BronzeLength: 3Nov 20th
The time   BronzeLength: 5Nov 20th
bird   SilverLength: 2Nov 21st
heading home   SilverLength: 4Nov 21st
Turkey day   BronzeLength: 2Nov 22nd
For the love of God!   SilverLength: 16Nov 22nd
pastLength: 2Nov 22nd
Spelling   GoldLength: 2Nov 23rd
Shrek or Monsters, Inc?   BronzeLength: 4Nov 23rd
exclusively to BaconLength: 8Nov 24th
So,   SilverLength: 3Nov 24th
Conan!   SilverLength: 7Nov 26th
HE BIT ME!Length: 5Nov 26th
Photocopying   SilverLength: 2Nov 26th
Riddle   GoldLength: 12Nov 27th
Hey Brodie!   BronzeLength: 10Nov 27th
Smanda   SilverLength: 4Nov 27th
So lonely   SilverLength: 4Nov 27th
Something cool...   GoldLength: 9Nov 28th
Snapple   BronzeLength: 3Nov 28th
Nuriko/Jordan   SilverLength: 5Nov 28th
carriage returns?   SilverLength: 3Nov 28th
It.... fell....   GoldLength: 6Nov 28th
Re: Be Gentle   SilverLength: 11Nov 28th
Those finks   SilverLength: 3Nov 28th
Re: Those finks   GoldLength: 4Nov 29th
Nice job   GoldLength: 3Nov 29th
I don't have sound card   BronzeLength: 2Nov 29th
TMOLLength: 2Nov 29th
So I guess, this is goodbye...   BronzeLength: 2Nov 29th
new yearsLength: 6Nov 29th
The Sims.   GoldLength: 3Nov 29th
My Trousers   GoldLength: 4Nov 29th
TMOL   SilverLength: 5Nov 29th
Harr y Potter?   SilverLength: 6Nov 30th
Showering   BronzeLength: 9Nov 30th
Be the bigger man   SilverLength: 7Nov 30th
Has anyone thought of this?   SilverLength: 2Nov 30th
Dammit!   SilverLength: 8Nov 30th
Re: unifying theory   BronzeLength: 4Nov 30th
Too much Tron...   BronzeLength: 2Nov 30th

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