July, 2001

XTC   GoldLength: 9Jul 1st
Mental Diversification   BronzeLength: 4Jul 2nd
l337 question   SilverLength: 2Jul 2nd
fantasy and respect   BronzeLength: 3Jul 2nd
explanations   GoldLength: 10Jul 2nd
I've got extra fondue...   SilverLength: 4Jul 2nd
funnies   SilverLength: 9Jul 3rd
Web designLength: 6Jul 3rd
Cheap Knock-offLength: 6Jul 4th
societal degradation?   SilverLength: 20Jul 4th
Obligation   BronzeLength: 2Jul 5th
You bastard people!   SilverLength: 5Jul 5th
esq?   SilverLength: 6Jul 6th
college keggers   BronzeLength: 2Jul 6th
Whoa   BronzeLength: 6Jul 6th
Crammin'Length: 5Jul 7th
Conversatron T-Shirts   GoldLength: 10Jul 8th
Re: Re: *sob*Length: 3Jul 8th
Computer Shopper   SilverLength: 6Jul 9th
Are you pondering what I am?   SilverLength: 6Jul 9th
Ms. Pac Man   BronzeLength: 4Jul 9th
Acting   BronzeLength: 3Jul 9th
HEY!   GoldLength: 9Jul 10th
Do you ever crave...   BronzeLength: 6Jul 10th
Other timewastersLength: 7Jul 11th
Music   GoldLength: 8Jul 11th
Followups   SilverLength: 6Jul 11th
Pumpin   GoldLength: 2Jul 12th
ASU   SilverLength: 4Jul 12th
Fat girls in hot tub   BronzeLength: 2Jul 12th
Inequity   SilverLength: 8Jul 13th
Curiosity...Length: 7Jul 13th
Superhero movies   BronzeLength: 5Jul 14th
Ravenous ...   BronzeLength: 2Jul 14th
re: Perfect Strangers   BronzeLength: 6Jul 16th
Re: some issues...   SilverLength: 3Jul 16th
Cave digging   BronzeLength: 4Jul 16th
hey jack spade   SilverLength: 2Jul 17th
Boo!Length: 3Jul 17th
re: Karen?   BronzeLength: 6Jul 17th
burning question   BronzeLength: 5Jul 18th
Final Fantasy   SilverLength: 3Jul 18th
Your professional opinion   GoldLength: 2Jul 18th
if($pwd =~ s/^.+$_(\/|$)/$_$1/){Length: 5Jul 18th
Happy?   SilverLength: 4Jul 19th
Re: Larry Wall   BronzeLength: 2Jul 19th
pondering   GoldLength: 7Jul 20th
Moving day!Length: 6Jul 20th
Jurassic Park   SilverLength: 2Jul 20th
you (pl.)   SilverLength: 4Jul 23rd
Y'all (pl.)   SilverLength: 4Jul 23rd
Woman's heart bypass   SilverLength: 7Jul 24th
Painting advice   SilverLength: 7Jul 24th
OMG Bacon! Are you OK?   BronzeLength: 4Jul 25th
Bacon...   SilverLength: 10Jul 25th
Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter   BronzeLength: 4Jul 25th
Presidential Q   SilverLength: 5Jul 25th
Voyager.   SilverLength: 7Jul 26th
DS9   BronzeLength: 5Jul 27th
A.I.   SilverLength: 3Jul 27th
Of course you realize   SilverLength: 4Jul 27th
Damn you all to Hell!!   BronzeLength: 4Jul 27th
Home   SilverLength: 3Jul 27th
Transitions   BronzeLength: 4Jul 28th
I must not get out enough..   SilverLength: 5Jul 28th
AM/PM (or local equivalent)   SilverLength: 8Jul 29th
Buzzkirkwood   SilverLength: 7Jul 29th
America   SilverLength: 3Jul 29th
women   BronzeLength: 2Jul 29th
Re: Planet o Apes   SilverLength: 2Jul 29th
::yawn::   BronzeLength: 6Jul 30th
spoiler-free   SilverLength: 12Jul 30th
Data   BronzeLength: 3Jul 30th
Ya know...   SilverLength: 8Jul 30th
What's...   BronzeLength: 5Jul 31st

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