February, 2001

orchestrated follies   SilverLength: 17Feb 1st
Re: Stars?   BronzeLength: 7Feb 1st
Wow   GoldLength: 3Feb 1st
Assembling a Computer?   BronzeLength: 8Feb 1st
uh...   SilverLength: 4Feb 1st
Lester's Computer   SilverLength: 9Feb 1st
New computer, of course   SilverLength: 4Feb 1st
Intelligence   GoldLength: 6Feb 2nd
Just curious...   GoldLength: 2Feb 2nd
Where is everybody?   SilverLength: 8Feb 2nd
Sulu   GoldLength: 6Feb 2nd
Computer games...Length: 4Feb 2nd
Tagline....   SilverLength: 3Feb 2nd
Internet Whore   BronzeLength: 4Feb 3rd
A shout.   GoldLength: 6Feb 3rd
last best hope for peace   GoldLength: 2Feb 4th
Home   SilverLength: 2Feb 4th
about this meeting in Seattle...   GoldLength: 10Feb 4th
canadian bacon   SilverLength: 10Feb 5th
Sifl & Olly are dead!   BronzeLength: 6Feb 5th
Re: Canadian Bacon   SilverLength: 19Feb 5th
Silly online personals question   GoldLength: 6Feb 5th
Texas Conversatron-ites!   SilverLength: 4Feb 5th
Morning!   SilverLength: 12Feb 6th
Re: You people are insufferable   SilverLength: 9Feb 6th
I need advice!   GoldLength: 19Feb 6th
Nerds   BronzeLength: 2Feb 6th
Use may void warranty   BronzeLength: 4Feb 6th
Willow Sightings?   SilverLength: 5Feb 6th
Who?   SilverLength: 4Feb 6th
Familiar face in the XFL   SilverLength: 8Feb 8th
Nirple.   GoldLength: 9Feb 8th
ugh.   GoldLength: 2Feb 8th
Ack!   SilverLength: 5Feb 9th
None   SilverLength: 6Feb 9th
Lestat   BronzeLength: 3Feb 9th
numbers   GoldLength: 6Feb 9th
You ruined me   SilverLength: 5Feb 9th
coin   SilverLength: 6Feb 9th
time travel   SilverLength: 2Feb 10th
Lina Inverse   SilverLength: 6Feb 10th
Lester *rawr*   SilverLength: 3Feb 10th
Hello people.   GoldLength: 4Feb 10th
Did you ever notice...   GoldLength: 6Feb 10th
Bye.   SilverLength: 9Feb 10th
Valentine's Day.   GoldLength: 7Feb 10th
New Advertising   SilverLength: 10Feb 11th
The true meaning...   SilverLength: 6Feb 11th
One question   SilverLength: 4Feb 11th
wow...   SilverLength: 4Feb 11th
Eat me, Lars Ulrich   SilverLength: 3Feb 11th
A favor from Mom   GoldLength: 3Feb 11th
Avoidance   SilverLength: 8Feb 11th
where to start?   GoldLength: 6Feb 11th
terminators   BronzeLength: 6Feb 11th
Czechoslovakia   SilverLength: 5Feb 12th
My Demands   GoldLength: 9Feb 12th
hello darkness my old friend   SilverLength: 16Feb 12th
I have to find a cute dress...   GoldLength: 5Feb 12th
What to do   SilverLength: 6Feb 12th
UI   SilverLength: 4Feb 12th
Happiness is not funny.   GoldLength: 4Feb 13th
Which food would you give up?   SilverLength: 10Feb 13th
Lobster Magnet   SilverLength: 6Feb 13th
Yo   SilverLength: 5Feb 13th
Beat this   GoldLength: 6Feb 13th
Poetry Corner   SilverLength: 2Feb 13th
Corporate Death   GoldLength: 10Feb 14th
HA! Suckers!   BronzeLength: 6Feb 14th
V-day   SilverLength: 8Feb 14th
the day has come to a end...   SilverLength: 6Feb 14th
oopsLength: 2Feb 15th
The Perfect Turd: Fact or Myth?   SilverLength: 4Feb 15th
Marry me, Conversatron?   SilverLength: 5Feb 16th
Fish   GoldLength: 7Feb 16th
Spiderman   GoldLength: 9Feb 16th
Feline enigma   SilverLength: 5Feb 17th
AYB SWF   SilverLength: 6Feb 17th
Knight Automated Roving Robot   GoldLength: 3Feb 17th
Chess   SilverLength: 10Feb 18th
Iraq   GoldLength: 5Feb 18th
Yarr   BronzeLength: 5Feb 18th
i'm bored, play along.   SilverLength: 8Feb 18th
"Noughat"   GoldLength: 4Feb 18th
accuracy   GoldLength: 3Feb 18th
Concerned   GoldLength: 5Feb 18th
TMOL   SilverLength: 6Feb 18th
Move Zig Move Zig Move Zig   GoldLength: 6Feb 19th
when will the madness stop?   SilverLength: 3Feb 19th
Nuts   SilverLength: 10Feb 19th
To the hand   SilverLength: 3Feb 19th
It will fade   SilverLength: 12Feb 19th
How Do I   BronzeLength: 6Feb 20th
Jeopardy?   GoldLength: 10Feb 20th
rednecks   GoldLength: 2Feb 20th
Dating help   GoldLength: 11Feb 20th
Fun in C++   BronzeLength: 2Feb 20th
Aussies   GoldLength: 7Feb 20th
askee allocation   GoldLength: 13Feb 20th
I *could* be original...   GoldLength: 7Feb 21st
Is it so hard...   SilverLength: 4Feb 21st
God help the morons   SilverLength: 2Feb 21st
Depression.   SilverLength: 3Feb 21st
i need an answer!   SilverLength: 7Feb 21st
Lawn Midgets   BronzeLength: 7Feb 21st
Cabbages and Kings   BronzeLength: 5Feb 22nd
OveratingsLength: 6Feb 22nd
grrr   SilverLength: 3Feb 22nd
WTF!?!   SilverLength: 3Feb 22nd
movies with sex?   SilverLength: 4Feb 23rd
Atreyu   BronzeLength: 7Feb 23rd
Relationship question   SilverLength: 3Feb 24th
Cheating   GoldLength: 3Feb 24th
Neat   SilverLength: 3Feb 24th
Can't cancel (x-y) where x=y eh?   GoldLength: 4Feb 24th
So...   SilverLength: 2Feb 25th
AOL Chat RoomsLength: 3Feb 25th
Dividing by (x-y) when x=y   BronzeLength: 4Feb 25th
Who's on First?   SilverLength: 5Feb 25th
IE   GoldLength: 3Feb 25th
art vs. geek   SilverLength: 5Feb 26th
French horn   SilverLength: 13Feb 26th
Conversatron   GoldLength: 5Feb 26th
It's time I level with you...   GoldLength: 9Feb 27th
Ack   SilverLength: 5Feb 27th
*gasp*   BronzeLength: 14Feb 28th
Re: Nymphosayswhat?   BronzeLength: 2Feb 28th
Subject Lines   GoldLength: 6Feb 28th
fromage Americaine   BronzeLength: 4Feb 28th
Lent   GoldLength: 8Feb 28th

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