January, 2001

Back online, baby!   BronzeLength: 6Jan 16th
Python blows!   GoldLength: 7Jan 16th
The Wizard of Speed and Time   GoldLength: 5Jan 17th
I'm an idiot   GoldLength: 6Jan 17th
gaspLength: 2Jan 17th
Bejeweled   SilverLength: 5Jan 17th
One of *those* questions...   BronzeLength: 3Jan 18th
blonds and sex   GoldLength: 6Jan 18th
Wow...   BronzeLength: 6Jan 18th
HELP!!   GoldLength: 2Jan 18th
MOM!!!!Length: 3Jan 18th
girls, huh   SilverLength: 11Jan 18th
Who is Tyler Durden?   SilverLength: 2Jan 18th
Is it a coincidence?   GoldLength: 4Jan 18th
Middle Eastern Fun   SilverLength: 5Jan 18th
Temptation Island   SilverLength: 5Jan 19th
randal   GoldLength: 11Jan 19th
HEY!   BronzeLength: 3Jan 19th
Arghh   GoldLength: 4Jan 19th
Q&A Websites...   GoldLength: 4Jan 19th
Ummmm....   GoldLength: 6Jan 19th
Icecream   SilverLength: 2Jan 19th
Star Trek   GoldLength: 2Jan 20th
Mmmm... Erin Gray   GoldLength: 6Jan 21st
Another Forum 2000 Imitator   SilverLength: 7Jan 21st
Hey!   SilverLength: 3Jan 21st
Technicolor Rainbow.   GoldLength: 5Jan 21st
A gift for the Conversatron!   SilverLength: 12Jan 21st
Getting back online   GoldLength: 4Jan 21st
Men and girly movies   GoldLength: 6Jan 22nd
Ugh.   SilverLength: 7Jan 22nd
Licking HeadLength: 7Jan 22nd
What's a good way to go?   GoldLength: 10Jan 22nd
I fear the answer but   GoldLength: 14Jan 22nd
bah   SilverLength: 7Jan 22nd
faux pas   SilverLength: 6Jan 22nd
Hey   SilverLength: 10Jan 22nd
Re: Culture gap   GoldLength: 3Jan 22nd
Ethical Question here   SilverLength: 8Jan 22nd
ACK!   GoldLength: 10Jan 22nd
The Isle   SilverLength: 5Jan 22nd
BoredomLength: 10Jan 23rd
Sorry   SilverLength: 4Jan 23rd
wow   BronzeLength: 3Jan 23rd
Insubordination!   GoldLength: 11Jan 23rd
Mom!   GoldLength: 20Jan 23rd
June 7th thread   GoldLength: 3Jan 23rd
Horniness   GoldLength: 7Jan 23rd
get-togethers   SilverLength: 4Jan 23rd
100 point question   GoldLength: 4Jan 23rd
Icksnay?!   SilverLength: 6Jan 23rd
HAL 9000   GoldLength: 9Jan 24th
What I do   SilverLength: 2Jan 24th
Re: What I do   GoldLength: 3Jan 24th
Happy Birthday!   SilverLength: 6Jan 24th
ACK!   SilverLength: 2Jan 24th
Mood   SilverLength: 6Jan 24th
How come?   SilverLength: 5Jan 24th
A million billion points...Length: 15Jan 24th
bacon   SilverLength: 3Jan 24th
Evil   SilverLength: 3Jan 24th
None   SilverLength: 4Jan 24th
Russian Proverbs   SilverLength: 4Jan 25th
a little bit o' literature...   BronzeLength: 6Jan 25th
Tuna   GoldLength: 5Jan 25th
Wanted:   GoldLength: 2Jan 25th
Egad!   GoldLength: 3Jan 25th
Cornering the marketLength: 8Jan 25th
tmol   GoldLength: 2Jan 26th
DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER   SilverLength: 10Jan 26th
TMOL Problems   SilverLength: 12Jan 26th
Crossover Day   SilverLength: 5Jan 26th
the tmol situation   SilverLength: 4Jan 26th
Evil Excel   BronzeLength: 6Jan 26th
Wise Turtle Sighting   SilverLength: 5Jan 26th
you lazy bar-stewards you   GoldLength: 6Jan 27th
FROM BBC NEWS ONLINE   GoldLength: 9Jan 27th
Shaving   GoldLength: 5Jan 27th
Random   GoldLength: 8Jan 27th
What do I have to do   GoldLength: 4Jan 27th
Computer advise   GoldLength: 9Jan 27th
Good movies   SilverLength: 15Jan 27th
I apologise.   BronzeLength: 8Jan 28th
Tee hee!   SilverLength: 8Jan 28th
sex!   GoldLength: 5Jan 28th
Organic Theory 214:   GoldLength: 10Jan 28th
Nipples   SilverLength: 2Jan 28th
Eiffel65   SilverLength: 3Jan 28th
Batch Downloads   GoldLength: 11Jan 28th
Commercials   GoldLength: 3Jan 28th
ICQ   SilverLength: 5Jan 29th
Coconut Webmonkey   SilverLength: 3Jan 29th
opposites   SilverLength: 7Jan 29th
dried fruit   SilverLength: 15Jan 29th
How many stupid questions.....   SilverLength: 6Jan 29th
Ms. Scully   SilverLength: 5Jan 29th
whatever happened...   SilverLength: 6Jan 29th
Crazy People   SilverLength: 7Jan 30th
Wow   SilverLength: 7Jan 30th
None   SilverLength: 9Jan 30th
"Well, I don't KNOW, exactly"   GoldLength: 13Jan 31st
Punch yourself in the face...   BronzeLength: 8Jan 31st
5 star funny   GoldLength: 11Jan 31st

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