December, 2000

Bowling   SilverLength: 10Dec 1st
Certification Schmertification   SilverLength: 7Dec 1st
where   SilverLength: 5Dec 1st
Nice DesignLength: 11Dec 1st
Local Poll time!   BronzeLength: 8Dec 1st
1 hour and 30min.   SilverLength: 7Dec 1st
One and the same?   SilverLength: 5Dec 1st
archives   SilverLength: 7Dec 2nd
Tom Servo   SilverLength: 4Dec 3rd
The State of AI   SilverLength: 5Dec 3rd
For the ladies...   SilverLength: 3Dec 3rd
The end   SilverLength: 4Dec 4th
Wowie!   BronzeLength: 4Dec 4th
Yawn   GoldLength: 4Dec 4th
Is it wrong?   BronzeLength: 6Dec 4th
hrmmmmm   SilverLength: 4Dec 4th
Birthday!   SilverLength: 6Dec 4th
Death of an Icon   SilverLength: 3Dec 4th
Hey, Porn...   SilverLength: 3Dec 4th
Polyanna?   SilverLength: 6Dec 5th
Barbie?!   SilverLength: 12Dec 5th
Tass TImes in Tonetown   BronzeLength: 8Dec 5th
Ack!   GoldLength: 3Dec 5th
competition   SilverLength: 2Dec 5th
The Day The World Stopped   SilverLength: 3Dec 5th
Whoa or woah?   GoldLength: 9Dec 5th
english teacher   GoldLength: 8Dec 5th
What's worse?   GoldLength: 8Dec 5th
optimal slackatude   SilverLength: 6Dec 5th
Where are they now?   GoldLength: 5Dec 5th
*ack*   GoldLength: 2Dec 5th
Chocolate Regulations   GoldLength: 9Dec 5th
*looks up at stars*Length: 5Dec 5th

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