Archives from December, 1999

NEURAL LOGIC CHECKLength: 11Dec 12th
If you could be....Length: 8Dec 12th
mathLength: 15Dec 12th
Your next missionLength: 17Dec 12th
Diplomacy ScreenLength: 7Dec 12th
the REAL questionLength: 6Dec 12th
Why the Videogames?Length: 20Dec 12th
eCommerce.Length: 12Dec 12th
DSLLength: 19Dec 12th
AhhhLength: 8Dec 12th
Wir wollen GčrkenLength: 13Dec 12th
Why Bad Things?Length: 22Dec 12th
Is it just meLength: 3Dec 12th
I'm so cool.Length: 17Dec 12th
world domination.Length: 15Dec 12th
CubaLength: 19Dec 13th
Is this a ripoff?Length: 10Dec 13th
What is this?Length: 7Dec 13th
As good?Length: 11Dec 13th
Forum2000 ThoughtsLength: 6Dec 13th
MicrosoftLength: 13Dec 13th
Gun ControlLength: 13Dec 13th
SamNMax VS JayNBobLength: 26Dec 13th
All Caught UpLength: 9Dec 13th
Day off?Length: 18Dec 13th
Lunch?Length: 16Dec 14th
Chemical Ed?Length: 24Dec 14th
videogame charactersLength: 17Dec 14th
Squick?Length: 12Dec 14th
70 Exobyte RAIDLength: 6Dec 14th
TV?Length: 2Dec 14th
Mahir?Length: 6Dec 14th
WWELength: 8Dec 14th
Orz pure evil?Length: 8Dec 14th
Hyperlighting?Length: 12Dec 14th
PSX?Length: 16Dec 14th
Special movesLength: 26Dec 14th
Pipboy 2000Length: 7Dec 14th
Ur-quan Red ShieldLength: 7Dec 14th
cowboys?Length: 5Dec 15th
ICQ or AIM?Length: 10Dec 15th
FatnessLength: 14Dec 15th
To Management...Length: 13Dec 15th
Be very afraidLength: 31Dec 15th
Woody Vs. Baz!Length: 21Dec 15th
Who's hated more?Length: 7Dec 15th
Fur TrappingLength: 17Dec 15th
MarraigeLength: 7Dec 15th
who are they?Length: 11Dec 15th
How in the hell?!?!Length: 16Dec 15th
CloningLength: 13Dec 15th
AlaskaLength: 14Dec 15th
GirlsLength: 11Dec 15th
the truthLength: 20Dec 16th
Why?Length: 3Dec 16th
who would win?Length: 9Dec 16th
Why Blue?Length: 2Dec 16th
Why?????Length: 8Dec 16th
Look!Length: 9Dec 16th
Demons and SuchLength: 8Dec 16th
Hey Fellas!Length: 16Dec 16th
God StuffLength: 15Dec 16th
World DominationLength: 5Dec 16th
some TLength: 9Dec 16th
Wookin pa nub?Length: 7Dec 16th
boogersLength: 6Dec 16th
TimeLength: 8Dec 16th
Braille dictionaryLength: 7Dec 16th
kidsLength: 10Dec 16th
Jodie FosterLength: 11Dec 16th
ContestLength: 16Dec 19th
VampiresLength: 13Dec 19th
the ConstitutionLength: 12Dec 19th
Yeah, right!Length: 31Dec 21th
Legalize Marihuana!Length: 11Dec 21th
Playtime's overLength: 19Dec 21th
Give a dog a bone...Length: 14Dec 21th
One more thing...Length: 19Dec 21th
Are you being ironicLength: 16Dec 22th
winterLength: 4Dec 22th
It's bacon!Length: 17Dec 22th
No net connection...Length: 8Dec 22th
Can't think of oneLength: 11Dec 22th
Harmonic convergenceLength: 8Dec 23th
The rain in Spain...Length: 18Dec 28th
'70 Pontiac FirebirdLength: 13Dec 29th
AddictionLength: 15Dec 28th
Who should win?Length: 12Dec 29th
GayLength: 18Dec 29th
i like paulLength: 5Dec 29th
????Length: 8Dec 29th
Killing peopleLength: 32Dec 29th
Clu GulagerLength: 6Dec 29th
MilleniumLength: 5Dec 29th
"My" StuffLength: 15Dec 30th
Let it out!Length: 18Dec 31st

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