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 Sureibu Neko

At what point does masturbation move beyond being a hobby to become an obsession? Like, how many times a day before its considered 'obsessive behavior'?

Randal Graves  

Are we talking about you or your boyfriend?

 Sureibu Neko

Talking about me, of course...

Randal Graves  

Heh, and they say women don't talk about this sort of thing.
I'd give my left nut not to have a refractory period.

Randal Graves  

I'd say if doing the ol' wax-on wax-off thing is interfering with eating regular meals then you've probably gone too far.

 Sureibu Neko

So I like to talk about masturbation. And I know for a fact that guys can have multiple orgasms - I've given one a few before. :) So to hell with your 'refractory period', just try harder.

 Dante Hicks

I don't know, Randal might just be trying a little too hard.

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