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f-al confusion


So I think the far-away lover got the wrong idea when I told him about my intentions of going to grad school. One of my schools of choice (of which there are three) happens to be in the city where he lives; however my decision to go there is based purely on the fact that grad school helps me to accomplish goals I've set for myself in my life -- and has almost absolutely nothing to do with him. I know it's my own fault for not being more smart and/or clear about how I told him, but also I think it's rather presumptuous on his part to think I might move to another state just to be nearer to him.

How do I undo this? Straightforward explanation and apology and hope he understands that I like our relationship the way it is, or should I simply not say anything and see how long it actually takes him to tell me that he's [probably] secretly freakin' out?


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