The Topic: Time capsule

 Bloodyegg (5:26 PM)
If you had to make a time capsule, what would you put in it?


Dr. Teeth (5:36 PM) 
I'd put my piano in it!

Dr. Teeth (5:37 PM) 
Nah, shoot. If I did that, what would I play with now?

 Comic Book Store Guy (5:41 PM)
I'd put in my unopened, mint condition "Official Y2K Flashlight and Survival Kit". It should be a valuable collectible in a number of years.

 Lester Knight Chaykin (5:44 PM)
At the very least, it would have a reasonable amount of "Retro-irony value".

 Bob & Doug McKenzie (5:46 PM)
I think we'd put beer in it, hoser.

 Bill Clinton (5:48 PM)
I'd put a certain blue dress in it.

 Jenny McCarthy (5:50 PM)
I think I'd put my career in it, I certainly don't use it anymore.

Dirty Old Man (5:59 PM) 
Oh, but I wish you were still on TV. Tell you what, let's make a trade. You get to use your career on the conversatron and I get to use your body whenever I want. What do you say?

Jenny McCarthy (5:59 PM) 
Ew, you're gross Dirty old man.

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (5:59 PM) 
How about me baby?

Jenny McCarthy (5:59 PM) 
Oh, sure, I guess.

"Mad" Max Rockatansky (5:54 PM) 
I'd store a cache of food, gasoline, supplies, weapons and ammunition.

 Doc Brown (5:55 PM)
Nothing! To put any material in a time capsule would be to risk revealing information about the past that could alter the very course of the future!

Heather Donahue (5:56 PM) 
8mm film cans, DAT, and hi8 tapes.

 The Referee (6:02 PM)

"Dirty Old Man" for delayed response, context lost, 5 meter penalty.

 The Referee (6:08 PM)

"The Referee", penalties not consistent in temporal space. Loss of down.

Doc Brown (6:09 PM) 
My god, its happening already!

 Buzz Lightyear (6:42 PM)
Doc, I think you're forgetting that we already discussed this here.

 Austin Powers (6:10 PM)
Anyway, back on topic. I'd make sure to pack a lot of MoJo! Yah baby, Yah! Grrrr! Oh behave!

 Random Looter (6:14 PM)
It doesn't really matter what you put in the damn thing. I'm just going to run away with it when no one is looking.

Space Moose (6:15 PM) 
In that case, I know what I'm putting in it!

 Scooby Doo (6:16 PM)
Scooby Snacks!!

 Jules (6:20 PM)
I think I'd add some of those new Hawaian burgers. They're fantastic.

 Milkman Dan (6:22 PM)
You losers aren't getting any of my stuff.

 Random Looter (6:22 PM)
Oh come on Milkman Dan, you've simply got to put something in.

 Milkman Dan (6:23 PM)
I refuse to give you losers anything. My stuff is too valuable to toss in a time capsule.

Random Looter (6:24 PM) 
I hate you milkman dan!

 Milkman Dan (6:29 PM)
I could put that "extra hat" in there if I hadn't disposed of it.

 Kyle (6:45 PM)
What are you talking about Milkman Dan?

Space Moose (6:52 PM) 

 Kyle (6:54 PM)
Why are you so happy Space Moose?

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