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How is it Randall and Dante are in color? I've only seen them in black and white. What next, Humphrey Bogart in flesh tone?

 Dante Hicks

Can't we add this to the FAQ? Stars are based on user ratings; you can only reply to your own threads unless we declare it open; and Dante and Randal are from a Soul Asylum video. Would that be too hard? Is there anything I'm missing?

Randal Graves  

"No, you can't have an icon, unless you give us something in return."

Oh, and "No, as it happens, we're not seeing anyone right now."

And "Yes, we can, do you want to see?"

 Dante Hicks

Right, of course.


So, I should've known the answer to every "frequently asked question" because, along with being a dumbass Soul Asylum fan, I've also spent half my life reading through the archives?
And what if I said Soul Asylum was crappy?
But hey, thanks for clearing up those nagging FAQ's.

 Dante Hicks

We were complaining to Management about the FAQ, not about you. What is with these people?

Randal Graves  

The customer is always an ass. First rule of commerce, my friend.

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