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Programmers have lives too!

Tra Hoi Hen
I have a wife and a decaying apartment that both need attention. Me and a fellow employee work as if there were four of us. We never hear so much as a "thank you for finishing this", or "thank you for fixing that", we only hear complaints that some assignments are overdue or that we don't test things carefully enough before we deploy them.
Management refuses to hire more people, because resources are low.
I lose track of time, and my short-term memory has been malfunctioning for more than a month.
If any of us quit or take time off to seek medical care, the company will collapse within months.
Have I no rights to claim?


HAL 9000
I suggest you leave the company and let it fail.

HAL 9000
It will then be easier to determine the problem.

David Bowman
Yeah, that worked so well for the tranceiver, HAL.

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