The Topic:
Conversatron Anonymous

The Question:

Are you guys gonna shell out money to form a support group? Or am I gonna have to sick Johnny Cochran on you?

 Attorney Johnnie Cochran

I'm sorry, dear friend, but to my recollection, the Conversatron is under my protection! I suggest you cease and desist before I get pissed, for my client is innocent and pure as my dear, personal friend, O.J.

Say Hey, O.J.

Pure Concentrated Orange Juice  

You tell 'em Johnny!


You make preposterous statements as to the purity of your clients pulptitude. These infractions are ungulate for the fact is O.J's purity is attained via concentrate and is false in it's entirety. If the pulp fits you must convict!

Pure Concentrated Orange Juice  

I'll find the real killers!

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