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 Bloodyegg (11:54 PM)
So what do you think about the movie Labyrinth?


The Excitement of David Bowie (12:02 AM) 
Why my dear Sarah, I thought you'd never ask.

The Excitement of David Bowie (12:04 AM) 
I thought it was delightful family entertainment, and it gave me an excellent opportunity to work with the wonderful George Lucas.

 George Lucas (12:05 AM)
This is true. I am wonderful to work with.

The Excitement of David Bowie (12:07 AM) 
I still remember that amazing session recording "Dance Magic". Wow, now there was some real magic, kiddies and gentlemen.

 Jodie Foster (11:08 AM)
No, David. We all know the real magic had to do with what ever you stuffed in your pants for that scene.

 Crow T. Robot (11:09 AM)
Ew! She's talking about David's magic area!

 Jodie Foster (2:21 PM)
What is it anyway with guys holding spheres?

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