The Topic:
Hey, Lego Man

The Question:

Do you resent the recent influx of 'celebrity' Lego people like Luke Skywalker and that Darth Maul dude, or do you welcome them with open arms into the big, happy Lego family?

 Lego Man

They don't bother me. In a few years, the flavors of the month will have been and gone, but the classic Lego Men will yet stand!

 Lego Man

I am a Rock! I am an Island!


You're the best, Lego Man!

By the way, I'm sorry for dividing you and the other Lego Men info red and yellow factions and forcing you to fight for my own amusement until only one of you was left intact. That was wrong of me.

 Lego Man

Hey, it happens.

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