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So,what do the askees think of 3rd Edition D&D?

 Tom Servo

I think it's excellent. Multiclassing, skills, and combat are all improved. And the artwork for the books is wonderful!

 Tom Servo

I especially like the new Bard abilities. I think it's a definite must-buy.

Crow T. Robot  

I personally can't stand the Diablo-style AC system.

 Tom Servo

Crow, I had no idea you'd looked into it! I'm glad you're talking an interest in role playing, maybe we can start a campaign. As for the AC system, yes, I can see what you mean, but what in particular don't you agree with?

Crow T. Robot  

Uhhh...actually, I just read that complaint somewhere on a website. You're still a nerd, Servo!

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