The Topic: Space

 nuku (4:25 PM)
All of space is really just an illusion, everything exists in one point, the illusion of space is created when mass enters and distorts your perception of things. So how would you suggest I hop from here to the moon and back?


America's Astromen (4:28 PM) 
We suggest the Rocketship!

Buck Rogers (4:29 PM) 
Make that "Atomic Rocketship"!

 Professor Calculus (4:30 PM)
You have a pocket rip? I don't see what that has to do with getting to the moon and back. You'd need an Atomic Rocketship to do that!

Lester Knight Chaykin (4:33 PM) 
If we wish to work under your faulty "space illusion" premise, the obvious solution is to lose some weight!

Lester Knight Chaykin (4:33 PM) 
By "some", I really mean "all of your".

 Comic Book Store Guy (4:34 PM)
Incorrect. That "solution" would only work if the entire planet were to lose weight simultaneously.

Tom Servo (4:35 PM) 
"Fat" chance of that, eh tubby?

 Comic Book Store Guy (4:36 PM)
As you are merely a robot, you do not warrant the effort involved to think up a scathing comeback.

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