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quality [stripper] time

My boyfriend just got invited out to the strip club with his buddies tonight, but he called me here at work to say he told them no, that he wanted to spend some 'quality time' with me instead since this is my first night off this week. What the hell does that mean, 'quality time' and how is sitting around with me watching a movie more 'quality' than boobies? I mean, really, I think I have the wrong boyfriend. And wouldn't I complain if it were the other way around? Man, I'm difficult!


Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Maybe he's going to take you out to a nice place.

Ayn Rand
You're deluding yourself, my girl. The brute has neither the imagination nor wherewithal to do such a thing. It's going to be a dull night in front of the cold ray tube.

You could go with him and his buddies to see boobies. That's quality for both of you.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
I hate being the only one around here who even tries to be helpful or understanding.

Willow Rosenberg
It's not just you! I try too sometimes, when I'm not all cranky. And who knows, maybe just cuddling in front of the TV would be quality.

Willow Rosenberg
You know, if the TV is high definintion or something! I mean, obviously your boyfriend isn't going to be providing any "qualities".

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Jeeze, I give up.

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