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Re: stainless

0.135" is not a standard size, no one actually makes and stocks it. Go to, do a search for stainless rods, pick the grade of steel you want, and buy a 6' length of 3/16" rod for $12.71. Now you can cut what you want off that and get someone to turn it down to 0.135".

Or just re-spec to 3.5mm (~0.137") which a stocked diameter at

If you play around (good for finding ANYTHING you might want to buy or have made) you might find someone who has some 0.135 or can make it cheap. Don't be afraid to ask for quotes, they are often much less than you think.


Nuclear Technicians
Oh man, that site has copper plated Johnson rods for sale.

Nuclear Technicians

Rod and Todd Flanders

Rod and Todd Flanders
Our dad says that when you copper plate a rod, God cries.

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