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Mmm. Chocolate(Reloaded Spoiler)

The Asker
Is it just me, or when the Merovingian is giving his speech during the cakegasm scene, when he gets to the ... ahem... climax of his little monologue "we are all out of control", is there not an absolutely perfect pause afterwards just positively begging for a Rocky Horror Picture Show style shout at the screen (or MST3K style, depending on your orientation and/or opinion of the movie)?

The second time I went to go see it, I shouted out "That's a damn good chocolate cake!" and the third time, I opted for the When Harry Met Sally classic: "I'll have what she's having!" (The latter literally brought the house down with laughter including the guy in the row behind me tapping me on the shoulder and telling me "Good one!")

Other ones I'm considering trying are "Behold the power of Chocolate!" and "You mean I went to all that work and I could have just given her a piece of cake?" but I'm not sure about that second one... seems a bit wordy.


No, even I think that's a completely stupid idea.

I'm surprised talking in the middle of such a nerd-fest movie didn't get you a soap bar beating in the bathroom afterwards.

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