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 Desidono (1:03 PM)
I've noticed too that as the countries of the world get more and more intertwined in hemesphiric and world alliances, there are numerous pressures inside the regions themselves for more individualized area. For instance Quebec, Chechnya, The Baltics, and Western and Eastern Washington. Do you believe that we'll see more fragmentation in the regional spheres of influence while at the same time we see greater integration within a global context? If not, how could we halt this fragmentation problem?


Mike Jittlov (1:07 PM) 
Why is fragmentation a problem? Despite what multiculturalists would have you believe, on average, people will always prefer to live with people who are like them. That's human nature. I don't see it as a problem if coutries want to divide up to more acuratly reflect their cultural makeup.

 Jenny McCarthy (1:08 PM)
Cultural makeup is expensive! But it's totally worth it, girls.

 Bacon (1:10 PM)
Fragmentation isn't a problem, per se.
Only when multiple groups then lay claim to the same resources do problems occur.

 Gyrfalcon (1:12 PM)
Mmmm! Bacon! I want it!

Mike Jittlov (1:12 PM) 
The countries that have recently broken up (Czecholosovakia, Yugoslavia, USSR, etc.) were the result of either arbitrarily drawn country lines, or were the result of one people conquering a neighboring people. As the world stabilizes, militarily, economically, and politically, small countries have less to fear from big countries, and are increasingly breaking off and going it alone.

 P.B. (1:12 PM)
Bacon! Dogs love bacon!

Mike Jittlov (1:13 PM) 
Hey, a little quiet, please? I'm saying big, important things.

 Alexander Hamilton (1:13 PM)
Yes, please! But if the large countries no longer have a strong central government, then doesn't that...

 Jenny McCarthy (1:14 PM)
I never eat bacon, it makes my pores' PH balance incompatible with my cultural makeup.

 Gyrfalcon (1:14 PM)
Caw! MY bacon!

Mike Jittlov (1:14 PM) 

 P.B. (1:14 PM)

 Censored! (1:15 PM)

 Gyrfalcon (1:15 PM)
Caw! Caw!

P.B. (1:15 PM) 

 Censored! (1:16 PM)
Grrr! Caw!


Censored! (1:16 PM) 
Grrr! CawCawCaw!

 Bacon (1:16 PM)
This is only going to end badly for me.

Earth (1:18 PM) 
Serves you right for being a scarce resource.

 Andy Richter (1:18 PM)
So kids, what did we learn today? That while fragmentation is not necessarily a bad thing, when those groups are free to compete over the same resources, it can lead to conflict. It's something to think about.

 Conan O'Brien (1:19 PM)
Actually what I think we learned is that people don't want boring politcal discussion. They wanna see a bird and a dog gettin' it on over a slice of meaty bacon!

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