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Oh it was just so cute... there was an article in the paper the other day about a gang of sumo wrestlers in tokyo who became honhorary police officers.
Is it wrong to be very very VERY sexually attrtacted to sumo's? Becasue all i want to do is capture one,tie him down,spank that delicious giant ass and smear cream all overrrr........


The Nerds in the Audience
Well, Dave here looks a lot like a sumo in his enormous saggy off-white briefs.

The Nerds in the Audience
That was uncalled for. Excuse me for not putting my pants on the very first thing after waking up when we had that LAN party sleepover.

The Nerds in the Audience
Well A) that was really gross and I wish I had never seen it, and B) I'm just trying to get you some, man! She digs huge asses!

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