The Topic: A logo opinon survey

 godofchuck (12:38 PM)
What do the Askees think of...

Chief Wahoo?


 Groundskeeper Willie (12:50 PM)
Ach! 'E's an insensitiv' stereotype of a prooud ethnic grooup!

 Alanis Morrissette (12:51 PM)
Can't we answer one question in a manner that isn't ironic in some way?

Crow T. Robot (12:52 PM) 

Crow T. Robot (12:53 PM) 


 Tom Servo (12:54 PM)
Uh oh, Crow's head exploded. Heh, well that happens. We've got spares. Like the time Joel told me bumblebees can't fly because their wings are too small. Heh, I remember...but that's silly because...

 Tom Servo (12:55 PM)
Wait...mass to lift ratio...drag coefficent...negative lift...scaling factor...computing...computing....

 Tom Servo (12:55 PM)


 Bender (1:00 PM)
Oh, ha-ha, his head exploded. You guys lifted that directly from your show.

Come on, people, we need to be more original remember! If you all don't shape up and start being original, you can just bite my shiny metal...

 Bender (1:01 PM)

 Bender (1:01 PM)
Heh, I'm fine. Had you fooled, huh?

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