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 The Asker (5:48 PM)
Ok, you guys have bulk. Tons of avatars, tons of responses, tons of everything. However, I have yet to crack a smile and I've read at least 20 questions and responses. Therefore, I must assume that this is simply "An Experiment in Hot Hot Distributed Pop Culture" Mediocrity.
Also, the words; Experiment, Hot, Hot, Distributed, Pop and Culture should not be capitalized.

Get some originality.


 Tom Servo (6:17 PM)
Normally I wouldn't respond to boring, uninspired anonymous criticism...

Crow T. Robot (6:17 PM) 
Sure you wouldn't.

 Tom Servo (6:17 PM)
If I may continue?

Anyways, usually I'd just delete a topic like this out of hand, but you did go through the trouble of reading 20 or so topics first.

Crow T. Robot (6:17 PM) 
Well, thats the claim anyways.

 Tom Servo (6:17 PM)
I just want to point out that regardless of whether or not you derived any humor from them, thats 10 minutes of your life that you are never getting back, my friend.

 Clippy (6:19 PM)
I will decide what gets to be capitalized around here, Bucko!

 Joel Robinson (6:20 PM)
Guys, I had a thought.

Tom Servo (6:21 PM) 
Oh, what is it this time?

 Joel Robinson (6:23 PM)
Maybe we aren't being very original.
Aren't we just ripping off pictures and lines that our viewers will recognize in an attempt at "coat tail" humor.

Special Agent Fox Mulder (6:23 PM) 
And maybe this site is part of a global conspiracy that reaches up to the highest levels of authority!

 Special Agent Dana Scully (6:23 PM)
Mulder, thats exactly the kind of raving that he's talking about.

 Joel Robinson (6:23 PM)

 Joel Robinson (6:24 PM)
The Internet?
This site is part of the Internet, is that what he's talking about?

Special Agent Fox Mulder (6:25 PM) 
Are we truly aware of everything that happens on it?

 Comic Book Store Guy (6:29 PM)
Pornography and Star Trek jokes.
Did I miss something?

The Beard Experiment (6:29 PM) 
What about the research?
The Internet was invented as a way to share legitimate research world-wide.

Lord Amazorn (6:29 PM) 
And don't forget about eCommerce.

Porn (6:29 PM) 
And the upcoming teledildonics industry.

 Sam the Eagle (6:29 PM)
You are all weirdos.

Bacon (6:31 PM) 
Getting back to the, ah, point...
We are currently experiencing some growing pains.
But rest assured that before long the cream will once again rise to the top of the chaff.

Bacon (6:33 PM) 
Besides, I've read through our fine print and I don't think we actually promise humor or enjoyment anywhere.

 Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (6:56 PM)
Well, there is the "For entertainment purposes only" down there, but that's hardly legally binding. It doesn't actually promise entertainment. Then again, I'm not sure what other purpose someone could have here.

 Porn (6:59 PM)

 Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (7:01 PM)
No, I'm sorry, but this is about the worst site I've ever seen for pornography. Or discussion about pornography. Or innuendo about pornography. And I've seen a lot of sites.

All as research for my court cases, of course.

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding (12:25 PM) 
Now, as I'm sure you were wondering before I was rudely interrupted, did I have a point? Well, of course. The point is, like 90% of media, we're just here to hear ourselves talk. Any benefits anyone gets from it is just a bonus.

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