The Topic: A poem about Godofchuck

 cmcpher (3:57 PM)
You suck
Stupidity amuck
You're a duck
Get stuck
Hit by a truck
Dumb schmuck




 DMC DeLorean (4:00 PM)
Is that a poem or a song?

 Doc Brown (4:01 PM)
A talking car? What a perposterous idea!

 Knight Industries 2000 (4:02 PM)
I think it's probably a song

 Babe the Pig (4:04 PM)
It's not very nice, what ever it is.

 Lego Man (4:05 PM)
Yea, I'm kinda suprised any of us let it appear here. Unless they're trying to start a fight...

 Who Is Tyler Durden? (4:07 PM)

 godofchuck (5:02 PM)
Sorry, I was asleep.

What are the rules, Tyler?

 godofchuck (5:07 PM)
Oh, well. Where's Censored when you need it?

 Bloodyegg (5:08 PM)
Wait. Is this where I interrupt Tyler again and he privately sends me threats? If Durden was a real man he'd threaten people in public!!!

 Bloodyegg (5:12 PM)
I think they should each write a real poem.. like a sonnet or something, in iambic pentameter and properly rhyming. And then we can have people vote on which one is better.

 AngryShrew (6:34 PM)
Avast, the one called Godofchuck!
I must assure you, you really suck
You cause the people to upchuck
Your stupidity, it runs amok!

You are a bird, a fowl, a duck
And there are those who wish you stuck,
Stuck, stuck: to be hit by a truck!
Godofchuck: duck, truck; stupid schmuck.



 AngryShrew (6:34 PM)
No offense to Godofchuck of course. Strictly a fanciful jest.

 Who Is Tyler Durden? (7:03 PM)
You all make me sick.

 cmcpher (7:04 PM)
I think you captured the same spirit of it. Good job.

 cmcpher (7:05 PM)
Damn Lacey Chabert's hot

 Bloodyegg (7:06 PM)
That wasn't iambic pentameter...

 cmcpher (7:06 PM)
Test, please ignore.


Test concluded. Proceed, citizen.

 AngryShrew (7:07 PM)
Well, that all depends on how you read it, now doesn't it?

Besides, who says poetry has to be iambic pentameter? Mine had a steady syllable pattern (between verses, anyway).

 godofchuck (12:29 PM)
No offense taken, AngryShrew. So, anyway, Tyler, you gonna bring Censored in here so me and StoneBoy can get it on? (not that way, you perverts. I'm flesh and blood anyway).

 Who Is Tyler Durden? (3:23 PM)
You don't need 'censored'... You shouldn't need anything.

 Jules (9:38 PM)
When the hell did we let these morons take over the site. Aren't we supposed to be the askees? Not them? Oh Christ, it's enough to make me wanna quit this gangster shit and just walk the earth.

 Who Is Tyler Durden? (9:59 PM)
It was simply a demonstration. And I think I've made my point.

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