The Topic:
Is it just me...

The Question:

...or is Servo just not funny anymore?

 Crow T. Robot

Yes, his fifteen minutes of fame have passed, and yet he still clings to what little he has. Please, Servo, go out with some dignity. Better to blaze out across the heavens like a shooting star than to dim slowly away like...a regular star. Tom Servo, let us remember you as you once were, not this sorry, wilted shell of your former glory (not that it was all that glorious.) Please, take your final bow. Thank you.

Tom Servo  

Crow, I've prepared a short response to your speech, if I may.

 Crow T. Robot

Oh, yes, of course. You wish one last goodbye to your (now so not) endearing public. By all means, dear friend, by all means.

Tom Servo  


Crow, folks at home, dear friends.

Bite my shiny red hinder.

 Crow T. Robot

Well. That was a short response.

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