The Topic: The Fall of the Roman Empire

 godofchuck (3:17 PM)
Anyone here a history buff? If so, what are your opinions on the Romans. If not, who's going to win the Super Bowl?


 Mike Nelson (3:56 PM)
Whooo! Romans win the Super Bowl!

 godofchuck (5:03 PM)
What's the spread on the Romans, anyway?

 Pete Rose (3:28 PM)
I wouldn't know, since as I've said in the past I never bet on Baseball!

 Ben Stein, esq. (3:28 PM)
I think you'll find that the Super Bowl is the championship of American Football.

 Pete Rose (3:28 PM)
No, the World Series is Football. And I've never bet on Baseball.

 Ben Stein, esq. (3:28 PM)
The World Series is baseball.

 Mike Nelson (3:28 PM)
I'm pretty sure he's right.

 Pete Rose (3:28 PM)
Well, then I've bet on...

Oh, crap.

No wonder everyone's so mad at me.

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