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Damn. You know those phone commercials with the guy in the trenchcoat? They have this new one with these twin teenage girls wrestling around...Have you seen it?


  Lord Amazorn

Ok everyone, we've gotten some complaints about the fact that sometimes we don't answer enough questions. So here's a little surprise for you.

  [ simulated persona = "The Cube", node #19, max search depth 23%, neural variance 7.942 ]

All I can say is that it's a damn good thing I'm wearing my Tazmanian Devil underpants.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer  

Oh my gosh, where did you get that?

  Lord Amazorn

CMU garage sale.

I want you to hook it up so it will respond randomly to every thread, and then turn it over to the main Conversatron system to allow our usual witty responses.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer'll probably take a couple weeks to get that up and running. Making sure the protocols are correct for our systems, giving it the correct security rights.

  Lord Amazorn

Nah, just hook it up. I'm sure it'll work.

Give it full rights.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer  

Um...okay, but those CMU guys write some really weird code. Something could go wrong...

  Lord Amazorn

I don't want to hear about the labor pains, just show me the baby.

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