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Nerd vs. Geek

  The Asker

Odd, you (the Black Marble) have an opposite view of the terms Nerd and Geek than I do. I ususally think of a Geek as having to do with computers while a Nerd is generally someone who goes for the pop culture. Not that someone can't be a geek and a nerd, it's not like it's hard! ;)


  The Evil Black Marble

Opposite, huh? Apparently you were confused when I said "Nerd (Computers, Science, Pop Culture)." That's not really 'opposite' as I understand it.

But I understand your point, and perhaps I should explain further. The terms are quite variable, and indeed it's often been said that the meanings, or at least, their connotations, are distinct from, say, the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States. I currently reside in a System1 in the Northeast, so that probably flavors my opinion.

  The Evil Black Marble

But basically, my view is that Geeks like and enjoy technology, or sub-cultural things like anime or video games, and tend to be self-celebratory about it. That is, they form groups to dress up like cartoon characters or whatever, and are quick to defend themselves against anyone who suggests that behavior might be slightly odd. They're more social (at least among themselves). But they don't actually necessarily create anything, and they're not necessarily smart.

  The Evil Black Marble

On the other hand, Nerds enjoy technology because they use it, and enjoy sub-cultural things like anime or computer games because they make them think. They're more likely loners, though they tend to hang out together more than with non-nerds. They don't necessarily have a group 'culture' so to speak. But they're the ones who create things, and they're usually smart.

The nerd creates the microchips in the video game console the geek plays on.

  The Evil Black Marble

Granted, that's just one view. In some places and contexts (for example, in the view of 99% of the population) the two terms are freely exchangable. And as I said, in some locales the descriptions as I gave them are switched completely.

So it's just my opinion. I'd like to hear what you all think about this, it should be interesting.


What? Why?

It won't be interesting, it's going to be stupid. No one wants to hear nerds and geeks going on about themselves.

  The Evil Black Marble

Yeah, well, what can I say, I'm evil.

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