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The full course meal

  The Asker

I think that a daily dosage of TMOL and Conversatron is essential for maintaining a healthy diet. Neither can be seperated from each other since each is significant balancing a well nutritious life.


  The Evil Black Marble

I've been here at the Conversatron since almost the beginning, one of the few arcade or computer game guys left here. Thinking about these two sites, I think that each one took certain things from the original Forum 2000 site, either directly or just from discovering what works and what doesn't, over time.

  The Evil Black Marble

For instance, TMOL has done the "Frank!" gag a lot more. Meaning, a man saying something stupid and being yelled at by his SO. On F2k, of course, it was the Giffords. And the gay jokes, F2k has gone that direction more often.

  The Evil Black Marble

The Conversatron, on the other hand, has taken the "Fourth Wall" thing much further. That is, talking about the system itself, and having it affect the dynamic occasionally. The Con also has used the idea of 'corrupted' characters more often, for better or worse.

Some things are shared, of course. It's almost impossible to have an Internet site of this kind and not make fun of spelling for instance. But overall, the Conversatron has taken more "Nerd" humor (Computers, Science, Pop Culture) while TMOL has taken more "Geek" humor (Video Games, Anime, and the like). And, yes, their prediliction for relationship issues.

  The Evil Black Marble

There's also the fact that the Conversatron has always been a group effort, the product of many personalities. Interest by a single party can ebb and flow with time, and it results in a certain unevenness in theme and style. TMOL has one more dominant personality running things, and that has both benefits and problems.

In the end, you can say that TMOL is more character driven, if only because the character base is more stable. Here on the Conversatron, there's a much higher turnover. However, that also allows more freedom and variety in the responses.

  The Evil Black Marble

As for which one is better, I suppose it's a bit like comparing the Conversatron's "Star Trek" with TMOL's "Babylon 5".

Dr. Mathead, PhD  

Ah, in that both of them, despite being of the same genre, have certain strengths and weaknesses, and a direct comparison is therefore counterproductive?

  The Evil Black Marble

No, in that Babylon 5 fans are total dweebs.

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