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conquer the world

  Solar Flare

I want to conquer the world, but don't know how to go about it. I've already got most of Europe and parts of Asia under my control, but my goal is really to conquer the whole universe, and at this rate I'll be really really old by the time I finish. What can I do to speed up the pace?


  Khan Noonian Singh

I did the same thing in the 1990s, kid. Way too much trouble. Your best bet is to build a sleeper ship, and wait until the 23rd century or so, when there's FTL travel and one big world government you can take over. That way the infrastructure's already there.

Plus, if you're lucky, you'll stumble across a superweapon you can steal.

Old, Tired Kirk  

Oh, right, and that worked so well for you.

  Khan Noonian Singh

It would have!

"Prefix code," my ass.
I mean really, give me a break.

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