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The Topic: Enough already!

  Born Loser

Show us some hot hot Garafalo clevage!

Man, that thread really got my hopes up...


Janeane Garofalo  

See, this is exactly what I mean when I talk about how I'm being treated in the media.

I'm here as the 'voice of the anti-war movement,' as an actor, as a 'cute chick', so the they can marginalize the movement. It's much easier to toss it off as some bizarre, unintelligent special-interest group.

If you're an actor who is pro-war, you're a hero. If you're an actor who's against the war, you're suspect. You must have a weird angle or you just hate George Bush.

Janeane Garofalo  

These same corporate entities, TV, cable, yeah, even websites, have an interest in war, have an interest in profiting from war. They represent corporate America. Corporate America dictates the news we are getting.

Too many people involved are willing to be a mouthpiece for the establishment and for White House propaganda.

Yeah, sure, Saddam Hussein is a menace -- but U.N. weapons inspectors should have been given more time -- we won't know if this conflict could have been solved peacefully, because it was never given the chance. Call it imperialism, call it what you will, this is a manufactured conflict for the sake of geopolitical dominance in the area.

Janeane Garofalo  

There was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. You never even got that idea floated in the mainstream media. If you bring it up, they hate the messenger. You've ruined everyone's good time.

But I won't stick my head in the sand and have history roll right over me. I refuse to allow my government and the mainstream media to bully me into accepting a war that is immoral and illegal. If it means people make fun of me or think I'm a jerk, you know what, that means nothing to me.

  Lord Amazorn

Wow. And now for you people who actually read through all that, here's your reward.

Janeane Garofalo  

I loathe you.

  Lord Amazorn

Duly noted.

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