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The Topic: Lame anti-war excuses


None of the anti-war people I know (which is a lot) are using ANY of those excuses. The only place I hear them from is the pro-war people claiming the anti-war people are saying them.

For me, my anti-war reason is this: There are a heck of a lot of mean, nasty, brutal dictatorships/juntas/regimes out there, of which Iraq, while not particularly likeable, is not the worst, or at least not the worst threat to world or regional stability. If the U.S. decides to play global policeman (the value of that being a whole other can of worms), there's no good reason to go for Iraq first - and we obligate ourselves to go after a whole lot of other regimes as well.


  Dennis Miller

Funny, I see them all the time at the 'anti-war rallies.' Of course, that's not really the best place for intelligent discourse since A) The rallies are mostly run by socialist idealogues and B) Reasoned arguments don't fit on signs.

  Dennis Miller

But this is one of the 'real' arguments, and I'll tell you what I think of it. Saddam is one of the worst threats because he has access to bio and chemical weapons, he's shown he'll use them, he's not shy about supporting terrorists, he's got tons of oil wealth that mean the second sanctions drop he's got a whole new military paid for, so long as sanctions aren't dropped he'll make sure his people suffer enough to turn world opinion against it while he builds new statues of himself, and most of all, he's proven himself able to make really really bad decisions, like, say, having his goon squad try to off Bush Original Flavor. So you can't be sure he's just going to sit and play nice with his toys like you can with some people.

  Dennis Miller

And oh, yeah, he invaded Kuwait and ignored large parts of the cease-fire we signed, and the troops that we've got sitting there to make sure he doesn't do it again are seriously pissing off millions of crazy Arabs.

No one else comes close to this nexus of craziness, except maybe North Korea, the difference being that we think maybe they're semi-rational, tagging and bagging random Japanese guys and gals for social studies training aside.

  Dennis Miller

But I don't think you're really saying that we need to go to war with North Korea first, since you probably don't want Seoul flattened by artillery and a couple nukes lobbed at Japan or Seattle.

Lord Amazorn  

Yeah, Dennis, HBO just called, they want people to have to pay premium cable rates for your unique opinionated style of prose.

So from now on, we'll be meeting any war questions with light jazz instead.

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